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Castlemaine’s Jennie McKern is known to most locals as a doctor. She’s practised medicine for 30 years, including working as a GP. She also traine...
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Why energy-saving homes often use more energy
By André Stephan, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Robert Crawford, University of Melbourne Energy efficient houses are often thought to be a promi...
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Lifehouse Design wins at BDAV
Lifehouse design award
Campbells Creek residence wins for local designers Lifehouse Design. They won two state design awards on Saturday night at the Building Designers Asso...
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In Castlemaine, a smalls business with a big heart
By Meg Sattler Most of us don’t spend a whole lot of time contemplating or discussing our underwear. For Kathryn McAllister, founder of Wonderpants,...
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Raising a storm for Mapuru
By Elke Johnson Last July I went to Arnhem Land to do traditional basket weaving workshops with Aboriginal women. The community was called Mapuru. It ...
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Moolana Yakama
Art in celebration of the living spirit.  Moolana Yakama: Line Up includes… Smoking Ceremony: Ron Murrary (WambaWamba) and Rickie Nelson (JarraJarr...
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Artist spotlight – Bernadette Kalotas
By Meg Sattler Castlemaine artist Bernadette Kalotas has a DIY approach to life. “If I’d like to have something, I try to make it,” she says. ...
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Crowdfunding – what is it?
A revolutionary source of funding is growing in the fertile technosphere of the internet and is now coming to Castlemaine. CI met with Mez Woodward re...
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The gift of death
Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.  By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 11 December 2012 There’...
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Castlemaine Secondary College at the Model Solar Vehicle Challenge
By Hannah Kacir On the 20th of October, over 25 students and two teachers from Castlemaine Secondary College travelled to Melbourne to compete in the...
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Design Sunday: Utopia and Oblivion remain equally probable
Article on user centered design (UCD) by John Wood on core77 looks at UCD as a limited model for design that is implicit in cultural, financial and e...
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Cloud computing: server energy use doubling every five years
The cloud and smart phones mean more servers using more energy – see the infographic from Samsung below and read more on Treehugger....
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How much space does transport take in a city?
Canberra Transport Photo
On Sunday 9th September 69 volunteers, 69 bicycles, 60 cars and one bus gathered in Canberra to recreate a world-renowned photograph taken more than ...
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Design Sunday: Hand held CNC machining
This device combines CNC (computer numerical control) with a hand held router to over come the scale limits on CNC machining – that is the mater...
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Excessive sitting takes years off your life
New setup for computer work - usethings 'fitted' offices
Another study explores how bad sitting is for you. This US study looks at sedentary work and  watching TV and quantifies the risks of reduced lifespa...
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Levitating LED light, wirelessly powered
chris rieger levitating led light
Chris Rieger from Brisbane has combined two technologies for this project, the wireless power transfer is pretty impressive. Check out Chris’s w...
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Design Sunday: Tigere Chiriga’s floating mug
design sunday CI, no coaster mug
 No more hot mug marks on your furniture. Originally made for his own use and now funded by Kickstarter to go onto production. See the full story on ...
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Design Sunday: Stair Rover skate board
Designed by PoChih Lai, this skate board can travel down stairs. It’s worth a look at the website to see the prototypes and design evolution tha...
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Indian auto giant poised to release air car
Tata Motors of India has scheduled the Air Car to hit Indian streets by August 2012
Will it be the next big thing?  Tata Motors of India thinks so. What will the oil companies do to stop it? It is an auto engine that runs on air.  T...
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Local architect Stephen Lumb wins NT Architecture award
alice springs steiner school stephen lumb architect NT architecture award
Stephen won the public architecture category for the Alice Springs Steiner School. Thirteen projects were submitted to the Australian Institute of Ar...
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‘It will be the end’
Is Fukushima’s Doomsday Machine About to Blow? By Mike Whitney April 19, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — Mounting troubles...
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Computer helps Australians riding for gold
A new computer is giving Australian cyclists the edge as they prepare to chase gold at the London Olympics. The small computer fitted beneath the bike...
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Headset developed that moves objects with mind power
Mexican student Leonardo Ojeda has developed a wireless headset that interprets the brain bioelectric activity to move objects. The device could be in...
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What is the point of declaring heritage areas?
Miller homes cf  American cabins
Dear Sir, I have been amazed and perplexed that there has been no outcry about the exterior appearance of the new Miller homes in Hargraves Street fro...
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Govt auto assistance fails to shift gears to electric cars
Greens MP and industry spokesperson says the government cannot continue to prop up the failing car industry without commitments from the industry to m...
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Planned obsolescence
Light bulbs reduced from 2500 hours life to 1000 by a consortium of manufactures or printers with timing chip to shut it down a 1500 pages, one of the...
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New Castlemaine police station approved at VCAT
Castlemaine police station rendering
The new police station has been approved after a hearing at VCAT last month. The building is described as “polite and well mannered” and t...
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Design Sunday: New roofing material cuts carbon footprint
A prototype thermal system may have a big impact on the carbon footprint of buildings by pulling double duty as solar panels and moderating temperatur...
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New Hiut Jeans are getting a Welsh town back to work
Warning: this is one of those feel-good stories–and a very good one at that. The town of Cardigan, in Wales, was the centre of jean-making for y...
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Showcasing local sustainable houses
The EconoSpace is the brainchild of Irish architect and central Victoria resident, Peter Cowman. The passive solar ‘EconoSpace’ is an abbreviation of the words ‘economical space’. It is a small eco-building which can be constructed without a building permit in the average backyard.
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) and Council are proud to be jointly hosting a sustainable house tour in Castlemaine on Saturday 25 Februar...
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