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A cross-section of training and learning needs finds Mount Alexander Shire facing significant change.
Newly appointed manager of Castlemaine Continuing Education Steve Jackson met on Wednesday with other Learn Local partners in MATCH to launch a survey...
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Employment positions – Castlemaine Steiner School
Early Childhood Assistant – Prep – 2014 Part-time (4 days per week) Early Childhood Assistant – Kinder – 2014 Part-time (1 day per we...
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Groaning with jails
Barwon Prison  checking on the prisoners
By Deborah Wardle I can hear the groan and rumble of huge machinery taking out the side of a hillside less than two kilometres from my front verandah...
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Quick, release the courier pigeons!
Fuck it! This is a job for a train supervisor! Where are my fucking running shoes??
By Andrew McKenna A year and a bit ago a V/Line train left Southern Cross Station and travelled 800 metres down the wrong track towards an oncoming pa...
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People not pokies plans dividends for Castlemaine
At 7 pm tomorrow, Wednesday 27 February at their club rooms at Camp Reserve in Castlemaine, the Castlemaine Football and Netball Club will sign a memo...
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What now for the gambling industry?
Dear CI The Maryborough Highland Society “purchased” 65 poker machine entitlements in an early 2010 auction arranged by the Brumby governm...
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Wind forum tonight
Tonight MASG will hold a Community Meeting in the Baringhup Hall to explain the MACWind project and to field questions regarding the possible developm...
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Is V/Line supplying a rail service, or what?
Ghost train
By Andrew McKenna The rail service from Castlemaine to Melbourne is getting worse. Slower. This is not news, everyone who commutes knows this. Last ye...
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The gift of death
Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.  By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 11 December 2012 There’...
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Part time advertising representative for Castlemaine Independent. Someone with a bright personality, a ‘people person’. A crucial part of the posi...
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Castlemaine Independent is hot hot hot
This skydiver should have been dead after a fall of 13,000 feet and his parachute didn't open. Who's going to open a parachute for the hard copy press?
CI is hot! and we reopened comments. Ring those bells! And blow those whistles! Thirteen thousand visits to the site every week! In October, CI averag...
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‘It will be the end’
Is Fukushima’s Doomsday Machine About to Blow? By Mike Whitney April 19, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — Mounting troubles...
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Food bowl to dust bowl?
Despondent Riverland citrus growers are bulldozing their crops because juice orange prices are so low the fruit isn’t worth picking. Independent Sen...
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How Australia Made Its Own Luck – And Could Now Throw It All Away
By Peter Hartcher Book Launch – The Sweet Spot: How Australia Made Its Own Luck – And Could Now Throw It All Away by Peter Hartcher Austra...
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The Occupy Castlemaine Free Shop
By Ben Laycock Come to the Free Shop every week at The Wesley Hill Market for a truly unique shopping experience. At our shop absolutely everything is...
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Weekend read: the mining industry’s big lie
By Dr Richard Dennis, the Executive Director of The Australia Institute, a Canberra-based think tank. The New York Times recently asked its online re...
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New Hiut Jeans are getting a Welsh town back to work
Warning: this is one of those feel-good stories–and a very good one at that. The town of Cardigan, in Wales, was the centre of jean-making for y...
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Showcasing local sustainable houses
The EconoSpace is the brainchild of Irish architect and central Victoria resident, Peter Cowman. The passive solar ‘EconoSpace’ is an abbreviation of the words ‘economical space’. It is a small eco-building which can be constructed without a building permit in the average backyard.
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) and Council are proud to be jointly hosting a sustainable house tour in Castlemaine on Saturday 25 Februar...
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Super rort for wealthy
By Dr Richard Denniss Imagine if you had $30 billion sitting in front of you. And imagine that you had been told to use it to boost the retirement inc...
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What’s Inside the New “Austerity Measures”
A Death Sentence for Greece By Mike Whitney ICH “We are facing destruction. Our country, our home, has become ripe for burning. The centre of Athens...
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Valentines Day CI competition – an outbreak of lerve
It’s Valentines Day on Tuesday and CI is offering a great new competition! It’s called: An outbreak of lerve. (All right, it’s a bit...
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Castlemaine Independent readership hits 2,000 a day
The Finish of the Two Thousand Guineass at Newmarket
That’s right. You’re in a large company. Over the past few weeks our readership has been rising rapidly, and the last couple of days we...
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Workshops about ‘changes’ to business waste collection
Light Green with Yellow Lid Recycling Wheelie Bin samll 1
From a Council press release: Mt Alexander Shire Council has provided a commercial waste collection service to approximately 350 commercial properties...
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Don’t pass the buck, Mr Baillieu
The Greens said yesterday that the Baillieu Government is using hollow excuses for inaction on pokies and if they are serious about pokies reform the...
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I have a gambling problem … it’s my government
By Andrew McKenna In Australia we are suffering from a massive failure of public policy. The decision made today at the VCGR is a symptom of a deep il...
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At the last CI staff meeting
It’s CI’s birthday! Two. How would you live without us? Let us know! Congratulate us. Conditions of congratulating us: 1. No hate bloggers...
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Council’s withdrawal of commercial waste collection – an already sealed decision?
For the Council and beyond This is a letter of objection in regards to the “Council’s withdrawal of commercial waste collection, effective fro...
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Close to fisticuffs at pool meeting
Photos and story by CI photographer Matt Wobbly The Mt Alexander Shire Souncil held their Aquatic Centre information session at the Town Hall yesterda...
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Rally against pokies!
  Read the complete archive of poker machine stories by clicking the problem gambler at left  ...
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Loan to Kiva
Verónica Natividad
CI has been loaning money to workers in poor countries through an organisation called Kiva. Verónica Natividad from Ecuador is our sixteenth loan. V...
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Juliet Schor, Plenitude and the new economy
Juliet Schor is currently working on issues of environmental sustainability and their relation to Americans’ lifestyles and the economy, and the eme...
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Blade Electric Vehicles partnership to create 350 new high-tech jobs
Ross Blade plugs in
A new joint venture between Blade Electric Vehicles, DLG Battery Limited and IRES Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is bringing 100 new hi-tech jobs to Castlemain...
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It’s a blight
A protest sign in the Adelaide Hills where apple growers are rallying against apple imports they say could bring fire blight in to Australia. They cla...
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Training package for business
With a new financial year ahead, businesses and not-for-profit organisations in central Victoria are invited to participate in a heavily subsidised pr...
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Maryborough Struggle Town
By Chris Hosking Last week the Age published a story about Maryborough. The headline was ‘Come in Number 79, Your Time is Up’. There are 79 munici...
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