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Infinito Gold to sue Costa Rica for protecting its forests
Infinito Gold, a Canadian mining company, just slapped Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit because the nation decided to protect its rainforests rat...
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Elephant Crisis
In 2011, more African elephants were killed than any other year in history. The figures for 2012 and 2013 are not yet known, but are likely to be even...
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Have your say about the pool redevelopment
Castlemaine Swimming pool adjacent to the park
We all thought long and hard about the pool during the proposed Aquatic Centre on the Western Oval, so now the council is seeking community input for ...
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Kindling Trust and Feeding (the world) Manchester
Tonight, Monday, 25 November, social entrepreneur, sustainability champion and co-founder of the Kindling Trust, Chris Walsh, will be speaking about h...
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Peddling Pastry from London to Castlemaine
The Ritz, The Dorchester and the QE2 might be a long way from Castlemaine Workspace but it is where international pastry chef, Chris Edwards of Peddli...
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Bridge Hotel and Theatre Royal nominated in The Age Music Victoria Awards
By Kellie Jackson The Bridge Hotel and Theatre Royal are among five regional venues nominated for The Age Music Victoria Awards 2013 in ‘Best Region...
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Cr Redden re-elected as Mayor
By Kellie Jackson Councillor Michael Redden was this week re-elected as Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire Council. Voted in on Tuesday night by fellow co...
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Tell Lend Lease to get out of the Reef!
Lend Lease, the global building and construction company that regularly touts its sustainability credentials, wants to build a massive coal port on th...
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Ruined Wednesday: Bodie
Bodie is located in the eastern slopes of the Sierra, close to the Nevada border. It can be righteously hot by midsummer and buried in snow in wintert...
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Climb on Tuesday: Escalada en España
Escalada En España: Chris Sharma...
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Poppycock – or why remembrance rituals make me see red
By Robert Fisk The Independent The poppy helps us avoid a search for the meaning of war On the briefest of visits to London, I was appalled to notice ...
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‘It was like a science-fiction movie’: Chernobyl – site of the world’s worst nuclear accident revisited
A massive £1.2bn civil engineering operation is hoping to make Ukrainian site safe, but it is running a decade behind schedule and there are doubts w...
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Renewable energy is scary
On 3 October, a very sunny and windy day in Germany, the country hit a record peak of 59.1% renewable power generation. The power grid was able to saf...
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Humans evolved with infrasound: is there any truth to health concerns about it?
by Mike Barnard  Wind farms are fielding complaints about health impacts, almost entirely in the English-speaking world. There are literally over 20...
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Ruined Wednesday – Larundel Mental Asylum, Bundoora
Sitting on the outer edges of Bundoora, Victoria, the remains of a large and long abandoned mental asylum wait. The old buildings, their shattered win...
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Free supermarket tours for healthier lifestyles
By Kellie Jackson Six supermarket tours, funded by the Australian Government, will be held over five months to improve the community’s choices for h...
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Nazi bust: Unknown Marc Chagall painting found among works seized from Munich flat
Previously unknown works by Marc Chagall and Otto Dix are among the trove of Nazi-looted art seized from a Munich flat, German officials have claim...
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The ‘toxic monster’ is coming!
Texas-sized floating island containing one million tonnes of junk from Japan tsunami drifting towards US An enormous floating island of debris from Ja...
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Climb on Tuesday: Home Bouldering
This guy takes the childhood game of ‘The floor is lava’ to a whole new level!...
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Castlemaine State Festival 2015- calling all local artists
Black Diamonds
By Kellie Jackson The Castlemaine State Festival is inviting local artists to propose works for consideration for the 2015 festival. The 20th Castlema...
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Maldon Market is finally setting up stall
By Kellie Jackson Maldon’s makers and growers market will blossom for the first time this Sunday, November 10 with 60 carefully selected food and cr...
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Reith’s unconventional gas report – ‘Strong on fear, short on facts’
By Kellie Jackson Former Liberal Deputy Leader, Peter Reith will today hand over his long awaited report on the eastern gas market to the Victorian Go...
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Four new members welcomed into the community
Four people were welcomed as new citizens of Australia at a citizenship ceremony held on Tuesday at the Civic Centre in Castlemaine. The ceremony was ...
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Castlemaine Secondary College show off talent at exhibition
By Kellie Jackson Make your way to Castlemaine’s Market Building this Sunday to witness a showcase of amazing talent in Castlemaine Secondary Colleg...
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Naomi Klein: How Science is Telling Us All To Revolt
Is our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet? Climate scientists have seen the data – and they are coming to some incendiary concl...
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