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A canteen with a difference
Three of the lovely volunteers: Marg, Thais and Tammy
By Marg Peck What an enjoyable way to spend a Friday morning … the CSC school canteen. There’s a palpable sense of fun and purpose, and th...
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Crowdfunding – what is it?
A revolutionary source of funding is growing in the fertile technosphere of the internet and is now coming to Castlemaine. CI met with Mez Woodward re...
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The gift of death
Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.  By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 11 December 2012 There’...
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Year of the Golf Ball
From local filmmaker, David Thrussell, of Faustus Films, on Vimeo. You’re going to love the local content and faces in this film! If you missed ...
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Castlemaine Independent is hot hot hot
This skydiver should have been dead after a fall of 13,000 feet and his parachute didn't open. Who's going to open a parachute for the hard copy press?
CI is hot! and we reopened comments. Ring those bells! And blow those whistles! Thirteen thousand visits to the site every week! In October, CI averag...
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Castlemaine Secondary College at the Model Solar Vehicle Challenge
By Hannah Kacir On the 20th of October, over 25 students and two teachers from Castlemaine Secondary College travelled to Melbourne to compete in the...
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Design Sunday: Hand held CNC machining
This device combines CNC (computer numerical control) with a hand held router to over come the scale limits on CNC machining – that is the mater...
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Levitating LED light, wirelessly powered
chris rieger levitating led light
Chris Rieger from Brisbane has combined two technologies for this project, the wireless power transfer is pretty impressive. Check out Chris’s w...
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Design Sunday: Tigere Chiriga’s floating mug
design sunday CI, no coaster mug
 No more hot mug marks on your furniture. Originally made for his own use and now funded by Kickstarter to go onto production. See the full story on ...
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Indian auto giant poised to release air car
Tata Motors of India has scheduled the Air Car to hit Indian streets by August 2012
Will it be the next big thing?  Tata Motors of India thinks so. What will the oil companies do to stop it? It is an auto engine that runs on air.  T...
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‘It will be the end’
Is Fukushima’s Doomsday Machine About to Blow? By Mike Whitney April 19, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — Mounting troubles...
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Computer helps Australians riding for gold
A new computer is giving Australian cyclists the edge as they prepare to chase gold at the London Olympics. The small computer fitted beneath the bike...
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Design Sunday: New roofing material cuts carbon footprint
A prototype thermal system may have a big impact on the carbon footprint of buildings by pulling double duty as solar panels and moderating temperatur...
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Sunday meditation: Five things plants do better than us
By Sami Grover We need more trees in our cities. But our cities also need to become more like trees. It seems to me that the challenge of building com...
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New Hiut Jeans are getting a Welsh town back to work
Warning: this is one of those feel-good stories–and a very good one at that. The town of Cardigan, in Wales, was the centre of jean-making for y...
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Showcasing local sustainable houses
The EconoSpace is the brainchild of Irish architect and central Victoria resident, Peter Cowman. The passive solar ‘EconoSpace’ is an abbreviation of the words ‘economical space’. It is a small eco-building which can be constructed without a building permit in the average backyard.
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) and Council are proud to be jointly hosting a sustainable house tour in Castlemaine on Saturday 25 Februar...
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Get CI updates straight to your iphone!
Castlemaine Independent: available on iPhone/Smartphones. Simply go to your App store and grab a free RSS reader (for iPhones – ‘Free RSS ...
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Castlemaine Independent readership hits 2,000 a day
The Finish of the Two Thousand Guineass at Newmarket
That’s right. You’re in a large company. Over the past few weeks our readership has been rising rapidly, and the last couple of days we...
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The history of sex in Castlemaine
By Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky I write about the pool/Western Reserve issue, but not to take a pro or anti position, or for that matter, any position at a...
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Design Sunday: Crowdfunding, trends in product design.
stylus tips, crown funding
By Tim Preston Three new trends in product design show how the process of creating new products is shifting. As the previous CAD revolution (Computer ...
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At the last CI staff meeting
It’s CI’s birthday! Two. How would you live without us? Let us know! Congratulate us. Conditions of congratulating us: 1. No hate bloggers...
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Growing tomatoes – and a killer bug spray
By Christian Monahan It’s mid-spring (apparently) and if you have a protected spot in the garden from our obligatory late frosts, then I sugges...
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Sustainable cypress
By Andrew McKenna I was in a dilemma. I needed some timber to build a retaining wall in the back yard. I considered the possibilities: old redgum slee...
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Sunday design: usethings commended at Bendigo Sustainability Awards
chair 1
The Bendigo Sustainability Group held the 2011 Inaugural Bendigo Sustainability Awards on Friday night, and Castlemaine’s usethings received Hig...
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Design Sunday: Showcasing local sustainable homes
The EconoSpace is the brainchild of Irish architect and central Victoria resident, Peter Cowman. The passive solar ‘EconoSpace’ is an abbreviation of the words ‘economical space’. It is a small eco-building which can be constructed without a building permit in the average backyard.
Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) and Council are jointly hosting a sustainable house tour in Castlemaine on Saturday 15 October.  The tour...
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Blade Electric Vehicles partnership to create 350 new high-tech jobs
Ross Blade plugs in
A new joint venture between Blade Electric Vehicles, DLG Battery Limited and IRES Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is bringing 100 new hi-tech jobs to Castlemain...
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Pioneers of permaculture celebrate with new book
A new book – Permaculture Pioneers – will be launched on Saturday 17 September 10-4pm at Winters Flat PS. Central Victoria has always been o...
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Films to make a difference
The Possible Futures Film Contest, a joint project of FOUR YEARS. GO. and The Pachamama Alliance, received 317 films from film makers in 44 countries ...
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Design Sunday: Student-built homes delivered far and wide
Victoria University trade students are building transportable wooden homes for customers who haul them to every corner of the state as granny flats, b...
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Training package for business
With a new financial year ahead, businesses and not-for-profit organisations in central Victoria are invited to participate in a heavily subsidised pr...
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Weekend read: Yale opens its archives
Scholars, artists and anyone around the world will enjoy free access to online images of millions of objects housed in Yale’s museums, archives,...
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Kranium – a new bike helmet
A new style of bike helmet designed by Anirudha Rao uses a waterproof cardboard matrix as the lining. This design is stronger and lighter than polyst...
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Sunday design: Ostrich
Working patterns are constantly evolving. We gradually spend more time in our working environments, and this in turn means that we often need to make ...
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Here stood Castlemaine: competition results announced
The results of our competition are announced today. Simon and Jenny win a prize pack from the CI shop....
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RedBeard scoops national awards
By Andrew McKenna It was a Parisian-themed night of nights for the Australian baking industry last week in Brisbane, and local bakers Redbeard, based ...
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