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Smart Meter Shock!!
Based on the growing concern in Castlemaine (and throughout the world!), smart meters are fast becoming the ‘asbestos’ of the coming era. ...
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Smart meters are about as dangerous as …
By Jonathan Borwein (Jon), University of Newcastle and David H. Bailey, University of California, Davis Most fairly well educated people recognise pse...
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Sit less, move more: new physical activity guidelines
By Fron Jackson-Webb, The Conversation Australians should aim for around 60 minutes of physical activity per day, double the previous recommendation, ...
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Kindling Trust and Feeding (the world) Manchester
Tonight, Monday, 25 November, social entrepreneur, sustainability champion and co-founder of the Kindling Trust, Chris Walsh, will be speaking about h...
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‘It was like a science-fiction movie’: Chernobyl – site of the world’s worst nuclear accident revisited
A massive £1.2bn civil engineering operation is hoping to make Ukrainian site safe, but it is running a decade behind schedule and there are doubts w...
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Renewable energy is scary
On 3 October, a very sunny and windy day in Germany, the country hit a record peak of 59.1% renewable power generation. The power grid was able to saf...
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Humans evolved with infrasound: is there any truth to health concerns about it?
by Mike Barnard  Wind farms are fielding complaints about health impacts, almost entirely in the English-speaking world. There are literally over 20...
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Free supermarket tours for healthier lifestyles
By Kellie Jackson Six supermarket tours, funded by the Australian Government, will be held over five months to improve the community’s choices for h...
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Stop, Premier Napthine …
Ten Victorian paramedics have committed suicide in the last five years. Many others experience devastating mental trauma after being the first on the ...
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Good news for the forest
Forrest is a small, former logging town in the Otways, and is reinventing itself as an environmental success story. The Otways are an expanse of cool ...
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WHO refuses to publish report on cancers in Iraq caused by Depleted Uranium
By Denis Halliday September 13, 2013 “Information Clearing House – The World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorically refused in defian...
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Free talk for new rural residents
A free talk about land management will be provided for residents in the Shire who are new to rural living. It will be held on Thursday 5 September fro...
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Fundraiser for Grant Saltmarsh
Salty 3
Well regarded local landscape designer Grant Saltmarsh is in the fight of his life and a group of his friends are staging a fundraiser to help Grant a...
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McDonald’s use bully tactics in Tecoma
See below for an update from Garry Muratore on the petition asking McDonald’s to abandon plans to build a store next to Tecoma’s kindergar...
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Pizza at Woodend Food Bowl
Looking for something fun to do this Saturday night? The Food Bowl dinner is on again. This month pizza is on the menu. Delectable home made bases tha...
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A writhing mass of flesh-eating maggots’: Doctors find larvae inside British woman’s ear after she complained of headaches and bizarre scratching sounds inside her head
A British woman has described in detail the moment she discovered headaches and scratching sounds in her head were caused by flesh-eating maggots. Der...
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Parents concerned over NBN tower
Members of the Castlemaine Steiner School community are concerned about the site of an NBN fixed wireless tower on the golf course next to the school....
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Bigporexia eating boys and men
People suffer from the idea they’re unattractive. Everyone is just looking to belong. And men are no exception to this. Somehow though, men have...
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Kellogs: eating the planet for breakfast cereal
The rainforests of Indonesia are an ecological treasure: They’re home to critically endangered species like the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger, an...
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Zero reliance
By Christian Monahan Put your hand up if you’d like more money. My hand, like around 99% of the people who are reading this is most likely, well and...
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Hospital redevelopment progressing
The redevelopment of the operating theatres and associated works at Castlemaine Health are progressing very well despite numerous unforseen variations...
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Expert warns of new diseases threatening Britain’s livestock and crops because of global warming
The Independent Britain faces a wave of deadly new animal and plant diseases that threaten to wipe out crops and livestock as a direct result of globa...
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Wood fires and the atmosphere
Everyone loves a wood-burning heater but is the harm worth it? By Fay Johnston, University of Tasmania At this time of year there’s nothing better t...
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GM on our doorstep, folks
Genetically Modified Organisms – Field Trial Sites The map below shows sites of licences granted by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator ...
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My tank, my roof, my water!
By Christian Monahan When I was a child, I loved the smell of the rain on the warm asphalt, especially from the back seat of my families car returning...
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Indoor climbing gym proposal for Castlemaine
Climbing Castlemaine is the website exploring a proposal for an indoor climbing gym in the old Goods Shed in Castlemaine. The website’s purpose ...
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Spotlight on Seafood Sustainability
Seafood sourcing and sustainability issues will be at the forefront of a special event being held at She Sells Seafood in Castlemaine to celebrate Wor...
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Who owns footy?
The rise and fall of the MJFL (not gridiron) A reflection: By Neil Boyack The MJFL is dead, and there’s no wreath. Searching Google for the MJFL yo...
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Shedders: how some people are retiring
We wanted a future where we could live together, share passions and provide support for one another, in the process, finding a different, healthier, m...
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How to help firefighters
So, you want to help ensure a Fair Go for our Firefighters? Sign the postcards and send them off: they are starting to pop up around town. Origini, Ar...
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