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Is industrial hemp the ultimate energy crop?
By Thomas Prade, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Bioenergy is currently the fastest growing source of renewable energy. Cultivating energy...
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Infinito Gold to sue Costa Rica for protecting its forests
Infinito Gold, a Canadian mining company, just slapped Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit because the nation decided to protect its rainforests rat...
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Elephant Crisis
In 2011, more African elephants were killed than any other year in history. The figures for 2012 and 2013 are not yet known, but are likely to be even...
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Tell Lend Lease to get out of the Reef!
Lend Lease, the global building and construction company that regularly touts its sustainability credentials, wants to build a massive coal port on th...
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‘It was like a science-fiction movie’: Chernobyl – site of the world’s worst nuclear accident revisited
A massive £1.2bn civil engineering operation is hoping to make Ukrainian site safe, but it is running a decade behind schedule and there are doubts w...
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Renewable energy is scary
On 3 October, a very sunny and windy day in Germany, the country hit a record peak of 59.1% renewable power generation. The power grid was able to saf...
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The ‘toxic monster’ is coming!
Texas-sized floating island containing one million tonnes of junk from Japan tsunami drifting towards US An enormous floating island of debris from Ja...
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Obedience, consumer culture, and climate change
Yosef Brody Yosef Brody (President-Elect, Psychologists for Social Responsibility) has been thinking a lot about obedience and disobedience in contemp...
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Sydney fires caused by people and nature
By Ross Bradstock Even without the official tally it looks like the fires that started yesterday in Blue Mountains will be the most costly in terms of...
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“By 2020 we are going to see a frequency (of bushfires) like we’ve not seen before.” – United Firefighters Union of Australia
Share this image on Facebook by clicking here or on the image. The Greens Member of Parliament, Adam Bandt, has made headlines by suggesting that c...
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Perfectly preserved 1.8 million-year-old skull ‘could re-write history of human evolution’
Palaeontologists believe finds could re-write early history of human evolution Scientists have revealed one of the most dramatic discoveries in human ...
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Climate breakdown
How governments bemoan the problem but keep stoking the fires. By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 28th September 2013 Already, a thousand bl...
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Good news for the forest
Forrest is a small, former logging town in the Otways, and is reinventing itself as an environmental success story. The Otways are an expanse of cool ...
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Climate at five minutes to midnight: IPCC head
By AFP September 03, 2013 “Information Clearing House – AFP – Humanity has pushed the world’s climate system to the brink, lea...
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Fighting for people over profits
From the Sum of Us Wow. Bayer has just sued the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides that are killing millions of bees around the...
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On the eve of destruction?
If you were to zoom out and take a comparative look back at our planet during the 1950s from some sort of cosmic time-travelling orbiter cube, you wou...
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Bird watching tour at Golden Point
Mount Alexander Shire residents will have an opportunity to get up close and personal with  native birds when ecologist Garry Cheers leads a half-day...
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Big pesticide threatens the world’s bees
Insecticides killing bees
Industry lawyers have just threatened SumOfUs with a lawsuit if they raise their voices against bee-killing pesticides at the massive gardening conv...
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Wet weather gets frogs moving
Since the summer rains and floods, Castlemaine frog numbers have seen a big hop. Many frog species need an abundant water supply to reproduce, so t...
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Pentland Firth turbines could generate ‘almost half of Scotland’s electricity’
Tidal turbines stretched across Pentland Firth, which separates the Orkney Islands from mainland Scotland, could generate up to 1.9 gigawatts (GW) of ...
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Wildfire warning as Britain has hottest summer in years
Average of 21 grass fires a day have been recorded in London so far this month Grass fires that have damaged nature reserves and rural land across Bri...
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Kellogs: eating the planet for breakfast cereal
The rainforests of Indonesia are an ecological treasure: They’re home to critically endangered species like the orangutan and the Sumatran tiger, an...
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Zero reliance
By Christian Monahan Put your hand up if you’d like more money. My hand, like around 99% of the people who are reading this is most likely, well and...
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Divest Castlemaine from fossil fuels
Coal Seam Gas (CSG) well, QLD
Divest fossil fuel shares and move investments, including superannuation funds, from direct involvement in coal mining and other fossil fuel extractio...
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Weather is moving south at a rate of knots
The Age Fog shrouds the Maribyrnong River with Melbourne temperatures plunging yesterday to 2.3 degrees overnight.Photo: Jason South Southern Australi...
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Expert warns of new diseases threatening Britain’s livestock and crops because of global warming
The Independent Britain faces a wave of deadly new animal and plant diseases that threaten to wipe out crops and livestock as a direct result of globa...
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Do the maths tonight
Global warming maths is a simple and strikingly clear concept.  The movie is on at the Theatre Royal tonight, 7.30pm. Don’t miss it. After his ...
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Behind the rhetoric what is really being done to combat desertification?
The Independent Like most people living along the Sahel – the drylands between Africa’s tropical savannahs and the Sahara Desert – Mustafa Ba is...
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Finally the fungi have arrived!
Aleuria sp. ALE0090
By Alison Pouliot The autumn rains may have been slow to arrive this year, but finally, even just a little precipitation has triggered a flush of fasc...
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Wood fires and the atmosphere
Everyone loves a wood-burning heater but is the harm worth it? By Fay Johnston, University of Tasmania At this time of year there’s nothing better t...
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GM on our doorstep, folks
Genetically Modified Organisms – Field Trial Sites The map below shows sites of licences granted by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator ...
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