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Target’s plastic bag backdown a loss for the silent majority
By Rosemary Anne Sharp, University of South Australia Charging for plastic bags at the checkout and even banning disposable plastic bags has been a gr...
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Ready to launch at Maldon & District Community Bank®’s new branch
Open for business with Maldon bank staff
Maldon & District Community® Bank branch has moved to bigger and brighter premises. The new branch opened for business at 81 High Street, Maldon ...
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Greens call for farm subsidies
Lachlan Slade, Greens candidate for Bendigo, has outlined Greens plans to assist farmers with energy intensive production and processing to reduce the...
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Bicycles helping save Tasmania millions
Tasmanian Times Report finds that for each person who rides as little as 20 minutes to work and back are benefiting the Tasmanian economy by $21.20. T...
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Rafael Correa explains
Rafael Correa explains...
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Two more arrested over fracking in UK
Balcombe fracking protest
Drilling began at 11.15am at the West Sussex site as demonstrations entered their ninth day. Energy company Cuadrilla has begun exploratory drilling i...
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Pouring more fuel on the fire
The federal government is pouring an extra half a billion dollars into taxpayer-funded subsidies to the mining industry, research by The Australia Ins...
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The obscenities of capitalism
By Paul Buchheit Information Clearing House – Committed capitalists don’t seem to recognise that people depend on each other, and that ind...
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Bendigo’s Palmer United candidate bereft of policies?
For our new coat of arms
The Palmer United Party’s candidate for this year’s federal election, Matine Rahmani, seems unsure about what to offer the electorate in t...
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Zero reliance
By Christian Monahan Put your hand up if you’d like more money. My hand, like around 99% of the people who are reading this is most likely, well and...
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The Spirit Level
The Spirit Level – Two Minute Trailer from Literally Films on Vimeo....
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Greens Candidate supports smart funding
Lachlan Slade, Greens candidate for Bendigo today said we do not need to cut university spending to achieve the measures in the Gonski review. This co...
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ACF statement on Budget 2013-14
The Australian Conservation Foundation acknowledges solid delivery on nature conservation, is concerned with cuts to spending on renewable energy, and...
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Can business be socially responsible?
Corporate Social Responsibility expert Jeremy Moon
By Meg Sattler UK Corporate Social Responsibility expert Jeremy Moon is currently in Australia, addressing the questions, ‘can businesses really be ...
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Environmentalists celebrate Woodside’s retreat from Kimberley
Image © 2004, Bruce R Mitchell
By Meg Sattler Environmental groups continue to celebrate Woodside’s decision not to proceed with a multi-billion dollar Browse gas project at J...
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A sign of things to come?
It was the most exclusive of events: a $500 minimum per head gala fundraising dinner last week for a right-wing think tank. Tony Abbott, Gina Rinehart...
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Communism, welfare state – what’s the next big idea?
Any attempt to challenge the elite needs courage, inspiration and a truly groundbreaking proposal. Here are two to set us off By George Monbiot The Gu...
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Take action now! New coal terminal planned for the Great Barrier Reef
Heard of Terminal Zero? Mining giant Adani plans to build a new massive coal port, Terminal Zero, just metres from a beach where sea turtles have come...
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A cause to celebrate
By Andrew McKenna So was the excitement, joy and relief at the Theatre Royal this evening with the news of VCAT’s rejection of 65 more poker mac...
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Power, privilege and climate change: a tale of two presidents
poorest president
By Joseph Nevins As I watched a video of Barack Obama delivering his second inaugural address last month, and listened to his call to “respond to th...
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Pokies destroying democracy?
MINING and gambling interests contributed heavily to political parties last financial year, at a time when the government was considering dropping its...
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Cut fossil fuel subsidies: never a better time than now
The Australian Conservation Foundation has called on the Federal Government to make good on its commitment to remove wasteful tax breaks by cutting fo...
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2012: The year we did our best to abandon the natural world
Emissions are rising, ice is melting and yet the response of governments is simply to pretend that none of it is happening By George Monbiot January 0...
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The gift of death
Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.  By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 11 December 2012 There’...
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Reflections on climate change
By Bronwen Machin The slow and relaxed start to my day – breakfast at the Dove – was riven by a body blow when I read the front page Age story o...
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From here to Porkternity
By Christian Monahan If you’ve ever seen me talk at an event or read any of my written works, you’ll know what I think about the state of modern f...
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Advertisement: 2012 Chewton Pool Art Auction
Click to enlarge. Sunday, 18 November 2012 – Chewton Pool Art Auction raises funds in support of Chewton Pool Inc.  80+ works by renowned artis...
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Origin Energy: a latter day James Hardie?
Castlemaine’s Dean Bridgfoot attended the Origin Energy AGM on Monday to deliver a strong message to the power company. Mr Bridgfoot, an employee of...
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Castlemaine Independent is hot hot hot
This skydiver should have been dead after a fall of 13,000 feet and his parachute didn't open. Who's going to open a parachute for the hard copy press?
CI is hot! and we reopened comments. Ring those bells! And blow those whistles! Thirteen thousand visits to the site every week! In October, CI averag...
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Soft? drinks
From the Center For Science in the Public Interest  the Real Bears… an antidote to the saccharin lifestyles promoted by the soft drinks indus...
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It’s not about the taste
By Christian Monahan The fact that so much of the media gets away with its constant “organic food bashing” really astounds me. Once all the other ...
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At last … a use for the Olde Gaol
By Andrew McKenna For years the old Castlemaine Gaol has hung like a millstone around the neck of this shire. A ball chained to the suppurating leg of...
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