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Poppycock – or why remembrance rituals make me see red
By Robert Fisk The Independent The poppy helps us avoid a search for the meaning of war On the briefest of visits to London, I was appalled to notice ...
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How the World Health Organization covered up Iraq’s nuclear nightmare
Ex-UN, WHO officials reveal political interference to suppress scientific evidence of postwar environmental health catastrophe By Nafeez Ahmed October...
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Australia’s talk of nuclear disarmament insincere and hollow
The former Labor government in effect abandoned its advocacy of nuclear disarmament because it considered continued reliance on “extended nuclear de...
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WHO refuses to publish report on cancers in Iraq caused by Depleted Uranium
By Denis Halliday September 13, 2013 “Information Clearing House – The World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorically refused in defian...
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Obama’s Syria Attack: The health of the military industrial complex
Kurt Nimmo August 31, 2013 Following twin war drum speeches by Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama on Friday, the corporate media, le...
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Rebels admit responsibility for chemical weapons attack
Militants tell AP reporter they mishandled Saudi-supplied chemical weapons, causing accident Paul Joseph Watson August 30, 2013 Syrian re...
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US attack on Syria would be illegal ‘Act of War’
Information Clearing House The Obama administration is right to be cautious about US intervention in Syria. For the US to launch a military strike wit...
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Hiroshima and Nagasaki peace concert
This year the 9th annual peace concert will be held at the Deakin Edge at Federation Square from 3-5pm on Saturday 1o August. The concert will commemo...
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Secretly recorded interviews with ‘detainees’ released
Advocacy group GetUp has today released video interviews recorded with asylum seekers who have recently been detained on Manus Island. The interviews ...
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Castlemaine Vigil in Solidarity with Refugees
Day 14 Saturday 29 June 2013 It’s quiet on the steps weekend evenings. It was quiet this evening – although a few people did stop and ask ...
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Ecuador offers US human rights training
President Rafael Correa: offering human rights training perhaps where it's needed most, in the USA
“Information Clearing House – “RT” – Ecuador renounced trade benefits which the US threatened to revoke over the Latin A...
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What an extraordinary outburst!
What an extraordinary outburst Annie! How can any human see this image and NOT feel compassion? Stay where you are? Would you be prepared to see your ...
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Irish Parliamentarians Spar Over ‘War Criminal’ Obama’s Summit Visit
By Julian Pecquet Information Clearing House President Obama’s visit to the Group of Eight summit has created a political row in Ireland after a...
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On this day in 1974: IRA bombs Parliament
A bomb has exploded at the Houses of Parliament, causing extensive damage and injuring 11 people. The IRA said it planted the 20 lb (9.1 kg) device wh...
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Russell Brand on the Woolwich murder
Darker Net The best comment we came across on the killing of a soldier, Lee Rigby, at Woolwich was not from any politician, nor ideologue, nor media c...
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War is a racket – a few profit, the many pay
By Major General Smedley Butler, US Marine Corps Major Butler joined the Marine Corps when the Spanish American War broke out, earned the Brevette Med...
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Harold Pompey Elliott
By Joyce Sanders We remember the names of a lot of the heroes of the first World War: on 25 April, 1918, the battle at Villiers-Bretonneux gave hero ...
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25 April 1915
If we're going to celebrate the virtues of militarism, what about a date when the first Australians took up arms to defend their homeland?
By Andrew McKenna Australia invades the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli. We establish a beach head and start killing Turks defending their homeland. We su...
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Farewell Don Gunn
570 Don in sunset
By Andrew McKenna There are a few people in life who I can say have not just influenced me but been ‘markers’ or milestones in my life. Do...
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Howard lied (but didn’t we know that already?)
By Margaret Swieringa Former prime minister John Howard’s justification this week on why we went to war against Iraq in 2003 obfuscates some iss...
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Building a life
Photos and story by Meg Sattler The Shan people of Myanmar have long endured a harsh existence in their native land. Intermittent conflict between Sha...
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Opposition plans to spend $1.5b on drone surveillance
By Meg Sattler Federal opposition defense spokesman David Johnston has announced plans to deploy unmanned aircraft surveillance to detect and deter as...
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‘May God take pity on her soul’: The Argentinian reaction to Margaret Thatcher’s death
The Independent   “La Dama de Hierro” has passed away. Argentina’s media has always embraced the Iron Lady title, a nickname that in its ey...
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You couldn’t make this up if you tried: Labor’s horrible accomplishments
Prime Minister Gillard with Kyle Sandilands
In the week before Easter, Prime Minister Gillard invited Kyle Sandilands, a radio DJ – who once questioned a 14-year-old rape victim on-air about h...
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Make music, not war: Post War Orchestra converts weapons into musical instruments
Turning pistols into piccolos sounds like the kind of hippie dream that died out with flared trousers. But a group of UK musicians is doing just that,...
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Kathryn Bigelow stuns on red carpet wearing blood-soaked rags Osama Bin Laden was killed in
Oscars Fashion Report: Kathryn Bigelow Stuns On Red Carpet Wearing Blood-Soaked Rags Osama Bin Laden Was Killed In...
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Iraq 10 years on – Time for an Inquiry
Today marks 10 years since the commencement of Australia’s largest ever demonstrations took place protesting Australia’s imminent involvem...
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Why is justice a one-eyed blind woman?
No Justice
History Never Ends I Hate to Bother You By Eduardo Galeano “Information Clearing House” – I’d like to share with you some question...
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On this day in 1968
The bomber was carrying hydrogen bombs
1968: Radiation alert following B-52 crash, 28 January 1968 A recovery team is searching for wreckage from an American Air Force B-52 bomber armed wit...
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Remember all the children, Mr President
By Bill Quigley December 17, 2012 “Information Clearing House” – Remember the 20 children who died in Newtown, Connecticut. Remember...
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