Corporate Social Responsibility

At CI we use 100% green power. We have a virtual office, with no environmentally expensive infrastructure. We use very little paper in our office, and none to produce our news. We don’t chop down half a forest to put out a new edition, as old media does.

We’re interested in building community, building this community, linking us to the world, and to social movements everywhere. We’re into connection. We’re all connected, via our technology, but also because we’re all connected morally, physically, even genetically. Even to rabbits and pigeons and lions and cockroaches – we’re linked genetically and morally and physically.

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At Castlemaine Independent we share our income equitably and have a democratic working structure, with no ‘boss’ and no ’employees’.

We see Castlemaine Independent as a corporate citizen of the world, and admit to our own state of ‘blessed unrest‘ about the injustice, greed and misery in the world. We’re working to help out in our own small way.

Loans and donations

Because education is the way forward for more than half the world’s population who have no access to it, in December  2010 we donated to World Vision to supply school materials and to train a teacher.

Mary Ann Bermudez from Banga, South Cotabato, Philippines, received a loan from CI that assisted her to buy seeds and fertilisers. She's one of 14 we have loaned money to.

But we don’t believe hand outs are the answer, and we have loaned money to Kiva, a fantastic organisation that supports entrepreneurs from poor countries around the world through micro-loans. Fourteen men, women and collectives from Ecuador, Paraguay and Bolivia to the Philippines, Uganda and Armenia are currently achieving their goals with the help of CI loans.

Check our Ethical Investment page to learn more, and in case the stories have dropped down the page by the time you get there, search for ‘Two New Kiva Loans’.


Castlemaine Independent has joined FOUR YEARS. GO. a global movement of commitment and action.

The earth is at a critical juncture. While politicians prevaricate and posture the planet warms, species drop off the list, empire-building regimes and rampant militarism trample the world’s weak and pollution takes an inexorable toll on natural ecosystems, other living beings, and our health. We are all connected.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is based on the premise that humankind is on a trajectory toward global tipping points, after which the decline of our natural life-support systems might become irreversible. We now possess the technology, resources and know-how, but to successfully address all our problems and set ourselves on a new path we need commitment. Despite the threats, this moment could be history’s greatest turning point — with a new future within our grasp. What is missing is the sense of urgency and the popular will and commitment to get it done.

With thousands of other organisations from around the world Castlemaine Independent has joined and pledged to help set our world irreversibly on a new path to a just, thriving and sustainable future for all. FOUR YEARS. GO. sees the next four years as crucial to be a positive tipping point in humanity’s future, by the end of 2014.

In our own community

Collectively, CI staff donate hundreds of hours to our own community, through volunteering at the local radio station, WMAfm, at Berkeley St Kindergarten, at Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club, by helping others with IT, and with the Castlemaine CFA.

We are also delighted and excited to announce the CI Scholarship – or three scholarships – money we will make available at the end of each school year for local Year 11 students. Three students with demonstrable need, and with potential in English, Art and Music, will receive money to assist them with materials for their transition into Year 12.

The CI Shop

We know people like to spend money, and we have stocked our shop with a few select goods to allow you to help support CI, local artists and fair trade.

The team at Castlemaine Independent: Tim Preston, Arabella Davison, Andrew McKenna

And we’re doing it all with joy!

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