Priests warned about hell

hell-2-by-jack-chickBy Andrew McKenna

VATICAN CITY: The Vatican’s investigator in the church’s paedophilia scandal has warned priests that those who abuse children face a harder time in hell. This raised some serious questions for CI.

Monsignor Charles Scicluna, the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, said priests who abused others instead of acting as role models would do better to remain outside the church ”as their torment in hell would be more bearable”.

During Saturday’s service in St Peter’s Basilica, prayers were said for the ”victims of abuse so their wounds can heal and they can find true peace”.

Prayers were also said for priests ”who have committed abuse so that they can confront in the light of the truth the consequences of their wrongs and accept the will of justice”.

Source: The Age

This story raises some serious ethical issues. At CI we wondered how anyone’s torment for eternity could be made ‘more bearable’? Surely torment for eternity is torment for eternity?

What does ‘more bearable’ mean to the Vatican? The occasional cold shower? Iced tea at 6?

And how did Monsignor Charles Scicluna actually know this? Has he been around in a previous life? Oh, but doesn’t that make him a Hindu?

Is ‘justice’ – in the eyes of the Catholic Church – really being sent to hell for eternity, even for a paedophile priest?

Do victims of abuse ever find ‘true peace’?

Does a paedophile priest who doesn’t use a condom get any special dispensation? Would it be a little bit more bearable for him?

What kind of compassionate Creator lets his creations burn in hell for eternity?

Are the members of the organisation who hide a paedophile priest – send him along to another congregation, knowing full well what he has been doing – going to burn in hell as well?

How far up does that go? ‘We only followed orders.’ Is the Pope culpable?

It’s the 21st century. Really. Can’t the Catholic Church leave notions of hell where they belong, back in the Middle Ages with stocks and witch burning? Aren’t heaven and hell here on earth, created by us? Doesn’t the abused child live a hell on earth? Does the paedophile priest suffer his own personal hell?

Is the Vatican – and Christianity – just, you know, making it up as they go along?

We would be delighted to hear your views.

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