Abandoned: New, disturbing backstories emerge about the game and Hasan Kahraman

Abandoned back to talk, this time not for some theory that would link the project to Silent Hill and / or Hideo Kojima, but for a series of background reported in a long GameSpot article, which cast more than a shadow on the lead developer Hasan Kahraman.

Shortly after the allegations of fraud against Abandoned, it was discovered that Kahraman created a private group by personally recruiting various members from among its staunchest supporters and using this space fundamentally to feed one’s ego.

As we all know, over time Blue Box has punctured much more than a deadline regarding the reveal of Abandoned, and every time someone in the group asked Kahraman to account for what happened, his reaction was to banish the person in question or create a new group with the other members and some new entry.

From the various discussions, which often saw Kahraman literally lose his head and then apologize for any over-the-top behavior, citing the responsibility for his mood swings to the stress of development, in the end it emerged that Abandoned as a game does not existat least not yet.

The developer went on to argue that at the moment the project consists of the prologuewhich would actually be in the works, and that the team is counting on its success to attract investors and obtain the funds necessary for the realization of the much talked about survival horror.

At the same time, however, Kahraman’s strategy of spreading rumors more or less directly about possible links with silent Hill to talk about Abandoned, only to intervene every time to deny them and repeat the strategy after a while. The same fans selected by the developer have not seen so far more than a few images depicting the walls, so much so that they have renamed the game among them Wallbandonedas thetoxic attitude of Kahraman between fake reveal and misleading information.