Arcane, Caitlyn’s cosplay from melamori.cosplay is ready to strike with precision

Arcane continues to represent an important source of inspiration for cosplayers, as we see in this case with the excellent caitlyn cosplay from melamori.cosplaywhich is quite precisely the version of the character seen in the Netflix series.

The Caitlyn staged by the model proves to be quite faithful, in costume and general characterization, to the character seen in the Netflix series Arcane, more than the gaming equivalent of League of Legends, even if obviously the points in common are several.

The series takes Caitlyn’s general traits and reworks them in a particular way, bringing out a complex and multifaceted character, very fascinating and characterized by a particular relationship with Vi, as emerges in the course of the series. The strong and determined personality also appears clearly in the photo of xenon_ne, although some elements of the face and of the costume refer to the official artwork of the game.

Here the facial features, the hair and the costume look just like those of Caitlyn from the Netflix series, Arcane. The “Sheriff of Piltover” is the best law enforcement officer in town, specializing in the use of long-range precision weapons. And precisely in the use of the hextech rifle we see it portrayed in the image below.