Avowed or Pentiment at the Xbox & Bethesta Showcase? Obsidian and Jez Corden suggest this

It seems that Obsidian is present in force at theXbox & Bethesda Showcase of 12 June 2022, with a presentation perhaps by Avowed or even Pentimentone of the projects underway at the team, according to the reporter Jez Corden of Windows Central and especially Josh Sawyer of the team.

As for Jez Corden’s prediction, in the recent episode of the podcast The Xbox Two with Rand Al Thor, the journalist said he was pretty sure that Avowed will show itself with a gameplay video during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase presentation event. of June 12, but there may be more from Obsidian as well.

We are therefore talking about Pentiment, the code name of a project led by Josh Sawyer, a longtime member of Obsidian and formerly of Black Isle Studios. As previously reported, it should be a “non-violent” RPG, that is centered on role-playing elements that go beyond at least a large part of the combat and focus above all on adventure and storytelling.

Pentiment, which does not yet have an official name, has so far been the protagonist only of some rumors, but vague information has also been provided by the developers: it seems to be a narrative RPG structured as a sort of investigative adventure, set in the Middle Ages, close to Disco Elysium as a structure.

To further suggest his presence at the event there is a very vague tweet by Josh Sawyer himself, who in recent days replied to an Xbox message that recalled the next presentation event with an emoticon that basically says nothing, but in his apparent indifference he seems to want to report a possible involvement of his project. We’ll see, the appointment is set for June 12 at 19:00.