Battlefield 2042: Season 1 start date and other details revealed by Tom Henderson

As we know the Season 1 from Battlefield 2042 will open its doors in early June and now Tom Henderson with a new report published on the pages of Try Hard Guides has revealed the presumed official start date, which according to his sources is scheduled for Friday 9 June. The insider also anticipated the arrival of some trailers that will reveal the content coming for season 1.

According to information in the possession of Henderson, in the coming days DICE will officially announce the launch date of Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 and details on the content coming with three trailers, which will be published at the same time on Tuesday 7 June at 5.00 pm Italian time. The first will be a reveal trailer of Season 1, the second a video dedicated to the new specialist Ewelina Lis and the last on the contents of the Battle Pass.

Also according to Henderson, after the release of the trailers, various content creator will share their impressions of Battlefield 2042 Season 1 on social media, complete with gameplay footage that will be recorded tomorrow, Monday, June 6.

As for the upcoming news, Henderson says that the information he received does not add much more than the leaks shared by the dataminer temporyal on Twitter, according to which Season 1 will introduce the aforementioned specialist Ewelina Lis armed with rocket launchers with guided missiles, the RAH-68 Shoshone stealth helicopters and the KA-99 Hannibal, the Battle Pass Premium and two playlists from the new Exposure map.

Obviously we are waiting for official news from DICE, even if it must be said that Tom Henderson in the past has proved to be a rather solid source of rumors when it comes to Battlefield 2042.