Battlefield 2042: trailer, start date and images of Season 1 Zero Hour

EA and DICE have unveiled the new season of Battlefield 2042. It is about Zero Hourwhich will be available from June 9, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. We can see a trailer dedicated to the gameplay above and some images just below.

Here she is official description Shooter Season 1: “Unleash the unexpected as the world of Battlefield 2042 evolves with Season 1: Zero Hour. Reach greater heights with next-generation stealth helicopters or countered from the ground in a new mountainous map, Exposure, set in the Mountains Canadian Rockies. Deploy as new Specialist Ewelina Lis and use her rocket launcher to destroy enemy tanks and helicopters. As you traverse the extreme vertical terrain of the Canadian Rockies, use hi-tech equipment such as the Ghostmaker R10 crossbow and rifle. as a BSV-M shooter to lead your squad to victory. Unlock 100 levels of exciting free and premium content in the Battle Pass Season 1. ”

As you have read, the new for Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 are:

  • New specialist: Ewelina Lis
  • New vehicles: RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal Gunships
  • New weapons: Ghostmaker R10 Crossbow and BSV-M Marksman Rifle
  • New Gadget: Launch Smoke Grenades
  • New map: Exposure

Finally, we leave you to our Battlefield 2042 Season 1 trial: “After 8 months of deafening silence, DICE should have compensated the Battlefield 2042 community with a stellar update, capable of fielding a battery of goosebumps . The Swedish studio shooter has obvious qualities and with an unforgettable Season 1, witness to the studio’s unwavering will to redeem a game on the verge of oblivion, something could have been saved. But with just one map, a handful of new content and Hazard Zone left to itself, Zero Hour seriously risks condemning once and for all the work of the developers, although the quality of the individual elements of the expansion is level. “