10 Best Folding Umbrella in Australia (2023) [Top Picks]

A good folding umbrella is a lifesaver on a rainy day. It is small and compact enough to fit in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket. And when the sun comes out, it can be easily opened to provide shade and protection from the harmful UV rays. But with so many different brands and types of folding umbrellas on the market, how do you choose the best one for you? Here are some things to consider when choosing a folding umbrella:.

10 Best Folding Umbrella in Australia (2023) [Top Picks]


ZOMAKE Compact Travel Umbrella Windproof – Lightweight Folding Umbrella Automatic Open Close (Jewelry Blue)

ZOMAKE Compact Travel Umbrella Windproof - Lightweight Folding Umbr...
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ZOMAKE Compact Travel Umbrella Windproof - Lightweight Folding Umbr...


  • For one-second single-hand operation, just push the button once to expand and collapse the canopy.Take it while get into the car or pick up your children
  • Quick Auto Open&Close – This automatic umbrella opens and closes at the touch of the button
  • The folding umbrella is extremely packable in purses, briefcases, backpacks, luggage and more
  • 45″ canopy, length only 12.5″ when folded and weighing 1lb
  • Portable&Lightweight – This portable three-fold umbrella is perfect for men or women
  • Lifetime Warranty – If it doesn’t meet your expectations, just contact us at once
  • If anything at all goes wrong with your umbrella, you have 90 days to request a replacement, completely for free
  • We hope our ZOMAKE compact umbrella can accompany you for a long time, rain or shine
  • Superior Waterproof – ZOMAKE Travel Umbrella have a premium quality canopy which is made of 210T pongee, could highly water repellent and quick drying
  • When water droplets drop on the canopy, due to the water repellent coating, they can’t stay on the canopy’s surface and will slide down directly within moments
  • The frame is fortified with 10 ribs
  • Each of ribs with spring are manufactured with premium fiberglass and high quality stainless steel, which guarantee the stability of the whole structure to withstand 60 mph strong wind gusts
  • Wind-Defying Construction – The structure of ZOMAKE windproof umbrellas is well designed and made

XIXVON Umbrella Pro | UPF 50+ 99% UV Protection, Reflective Safety Strip, Sturdy Windproof, Travel Portable, Automatic | Reverse Folding Umbrella

XIXVON Umbrella Pro | UPF 50+ 99% UV Protection, Reflective Safety ...
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XIXVON Umbrella Pro | UPF 50+ 99% UV Protection, Reflective Safety ...


  • PROTECT YOU IN THE STORMThe 10 ribs are made of the black aluminum alloy, which is light, robust and does not rust, making the ribs of the umbrella resistant to bending and resisting strong winds
  • The ribs, made from a fiber material, is wind-resistant that is difficult to be damaged even when folded 180 degrees.
  • The rainy surface will be inside when the umbrella is closed, so you won’t have to worry about getting wet even if you touch the umbrella (the dry surface is outside)
  • They are stored inside, so clothes and luggage will not get wet and the people around you not be disturbed.
  • PROTECT YOU ON THE JOURNEYFolding design, easy to carry
  • PROTECT YOU U/ A/ I/ OBetter design, better materials, better performance, just to better protect you and your sweetheart
  • And the surface of the umbrella uses high density Pongee Fabric and has strongly water-repellent function.
  • PROTECT YOU UNDER THE SUNXIXVON Umbrella have achieved the maximum UPF rating achievable: UPF 50+, means that effectively blocking 99% ultraviolet radiation even when the sun is strong
  • You can reduce the damage to your skin
  • Escort your safety, whether at day or night.
  • PROTECT YOU AT THE NIGHTBy adopting a reflective safety strip structure, it attracts attention even at night walk and improves safety

Sheyuinch Automatic Folding Umbrella, Auto Open Close Travel Umbrella, Windproof umbrella with 10 Ribs, Ergonomic Handle

Sheyuinch Automatic Folding Umbrella, Auto Open Close Travel Umbrel...
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Sheyuinch Automatic Folding Umbrella, Auto Open Close Travel Umbrel...


  • The canopy keeps you dry and makes it extremely easy to shake off the raindrops
  • Our automatic folding umbrella is entirely a premium product designed for ladies and gentlemen.
  • Waterproof & Dry QuicklyMade from high-density water-repellent carbon fiber and stainless steel,material
  • Its stainless steel structure ensures a long service life and protection against rust.
  • Solid MaterialsThe umbrella cover is made from 210 polyester taffeta that is stronger and more wear-resistant than 190T fabrics
  • After-SaleWe are sure that you will like the umbrella
  • If you are still not satisfied for any reason, your friendly Customer Service Team is always there for you.
  • Portable & Light WeightEasy to carry, makes this one of the best rain umbrellas for women and men to own.It can be stored easily in backpacks and it’s super lightweight, so kids can also use it
  • Tips on closing umbrellas: After collapsing the umbrella.push it downwards in the direction of the handle until hearing a click.
  • A protective travel sleeve is included.
  • Quality WorkmanshipOur compact umbrella is designed with a three-fold chrome plated black metal shaft, and strong metal frame to allow for greater stability in high winds
  • The ergonomic, slip-proof, and rubberized grip handle with wrist strap allow for easy carrying

DAWNTREES Windproof Travel Umbrella,Automatic Opening And Closing,Compact, Sturdy, and Lightweight,Sun Umbrella UV Protection,Large Rain Folding Umbrella…

DAWNTREES Windproof Travel Umbrella,Automatic Opening And Closing,C...
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  • [Reflective strip design is safer]: Sun umbrella for walking,Angel ring design, surrounded by reflective strips, strong reflection, can provide higher visibility in low light and rainy conditions, and protect family travel safety in darkness and rain.
  • When closed, the wet part will enter the inside of the umbrella, while the dry surface will be exposed to prevent water droplets from wetting clothes, floors and cars.
  • [Reverse folding design]: This folding umbrella adopts an inverted design
  • [Black tape sunscreen]: Upgraded black rubber sunscreen coated umbrella cloth, which effectively blocks ultraviolet rays, has higher shading efficiency than similar sunscreen umbrellas, UPF is greater than 50+, 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, and the body feels under the umbrella is cooled down, bringing a cool feeling
  • It is lighter and easier to carry
  • It is placed in a car, briefcase, backpack, travel bag, and is very suitable for travel, business, and camping.
  • Suitable for male and female travel and outdoor activities.
  • It can be opened automatically by pressing a button, without waiting, the umbrella can be opened in one second
  • It is easy to carry and does not need to take up much space
  • Then press it again to immediately fold and close the umbrella
  • [Automatic opening and closing]: The reverse folding umbrella has a fully automatic system, which is very suitable for one-handed use
  • [Windproof and waterproof function]:rain umbrellas for sale, This windproof umbrella is flexible enough to withstand strong wind without turning inward
  • It comes with 10 chrome-plated metal shafts and a sturdy aluminum alloy frame design
  • The shield is a high-density memory cloth of 3D nanotechnology, which can effectively resist water and dry immediately

Clifton Windproof Mini Maxi, Cobalt Blue

Clifton Windproof Mini Maxi, Cobalt Blue...
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  • Windproof
  • Manual Open and Manual Close
  • Metal Shaft
  • UPF50+ treated Pongee
  • Windproof compact manual open folding umbrella.
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OZ SMART Sun/Rain Compact Umbrella, UPF 50+ UV Protection 16 Fibreglass Ribs Super Windproof Folding Umbrella Parasol, Sun Blocking Travel Golf UV Umbrella

OZ SMART Sun Rain Compact Umbrella, UPF 50+ UV Protection 16 Fibreg...
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  • 16 GOLDEN FIBERGLASS RIBS:Oz smart compact umbrella uses 16 resin-reinforced golden fiberglass ribs, unlike other typical umbrellas with 6-9 ribs that are common in the market
  • This parasol will not turn upside down in strong winds and can withstand a lot of pressure
  • The golden structure is beautiful and practical.
  • Specifically, we use the latest technology resin-reinforced fiberglass, which is super flexible, durable, wind-resistant, rust-resistant, and lightweight (42”, 400 g, 0.8lb)
  • The colorful PG fabric inside is durable and eye-catching.
  • Double-layer nano fabric: One layer is the 210T professional umbrella fabric with the highest density at present to provide high-quality Water-Repellent and block sunlight
  • DOUBLE FABRIC WITH COATING: The latest technology Titanium dioxide pigment (TIO2) Silver/Color coating provides UV protection greater than UPF50+ and reflects heat to keep you cool under the umbrella
  • This tri-fold multi-functional umbrella can be easily put into a bag for travel, climbing, walking, golf, fishing, beach and daily commuting.
  • 100% NATURAL WOOD HANDLE: Environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed 100% natural wood handle
  • It is simple to operate and can be used permanently without any risk of damage in the future
  • UPF certified in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS4399 ‘Sun protective clothing – Evaluation and classification’
  • CERTIFIED UV PROTECTION: Our sun umbrella is designed specifically for the harsh Australian sun and is accredited with a UPF50+ rating, the highest achievable for fabrics in the world; blocking UVA and UVB rays to helps prevent skin cancer
  • Testing conducted by ARPANSA, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.
  • At present, other sun umbrellas are not strong enough to withstand strong storms and rain; but the Oz Smart design is strong and provides high-quality sun protection
  • A daily necessity for all seasons!
  • BOTH SUNNY AND RAINY DAYS: Other ordinary umbrellas have no sunscreen coating, and there is no way to provide UV protection of UPF50+ to your skin
  • It is an umbrella that can resist wind, rain, and the sun at the same time
  • If you wish to personalise your product, please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • LOGO/BRAND CUSTOMIZATION: OZ SMART offers customized labelling, logo or brand embedment for high volume orders
  • Welcome to OZ SMART store, get a $5 discount after spending more than $50.

Samsonite Windguard Auto Open/Close Umbrella, Black, One Size, Windguard Auto Open/Close Umbrella

Samsonite Windguard Auto Open Close Umbrella, Black, One Size, Wind...
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  • 12″ folded length
  • Samsonite branded TPR handle
  • Automatic open & close Teflon coated polyester wind guard canopy
  • Weight: 0.82 lbs

Automatic Travel Umbrella, Auto Open and Close Folding Umbrella, Portable Rain Umbrella Windproof and Waterproof, Sun Umbrella UV Protection, Compact and Lightweight Travel Umbrella

Automatic Travel Umbrella, Auto Open and Close Folding Umbrella, Po...
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  • If you don’t love your automatic compact travel umbrella for any reason, then just return it for a full refund
  • Also if there any questions, just contact, Our team always be here.
  • For Customers: We greatly value customers’ shopping experiences here
  • Superior Windproof and Waterproof Travel Umbrella : Our automatic travel umbrella is designed with you in mind and built to ensure the ultimate protection and comfort in any weather condition.It is fortified with 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs
  • The cannopy is made of high density 210T waterproof material which makes it good at waterproof function
  • Avoid the embarrassment of blowing your umbrella over,it is strong and durable
  • Provides excellent protection from harsh weather conditions, keeping you dry and comfortable in the rain.
  • Suitable for men and women..
  • It is perfect for travel, business, camping, fishing, and daily use
  • Compact Folding Travel Umberlla: This is an upgrade design of the folding umbrella, light weight and compact and portable design – Easy to carry around and store in your bag or suitcase, perfect for travel or everyday use
  • It’s also big enough to hold two people at a time when it’s opened, but small enough to carry around when it’s put away
  • High Quality: Our folding travel umberlla is made of high density impact cloth and high quality steel structure, made of 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs,strong wind resistance, not easy to rust, strong and durable
  • The connection of the umbrella frame is also reinforced so that it is not easy to be blown over
  • Handle automatic opening and closing design, so that open and close the umbrella easily.
  • No more dealing with the hassle of manual rain umbrellas; easily open and closes.Perfect for the whole family.
  • Black Automatic travel umbrella: Makes for easy with one-handed use.Our travel umbrella with an automatic operation system, opening and closing with the touch of a button

USOR Automatic Folding Umbrella, 10 Fibreglass Ribs Reflective Strip, Automatic Opening Closing Button, Reverse Folding Umbrella Waterproof Compact Travel Umbrella

USOR Automatic Folding Umbrella, 10 Fibreglass Ribs Reflective Stri...
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  • Inverted Folding UmbrellaUSOR compact travel umbrella features a reverse folding design
  • When closed, the wet part of the folding umbrella will be inside, while the dry surface will remain outside
  • So there is no worry that the wet part of the windproof umbrella will dampen the clothes, floor and car.
  • Your support is our infinite motivation!
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours
  • We make sure our travel umbrella will meet your expectations
  • 100% SatisfactionAll our products pass strict quality control before shipment
  • Safety Reflective StripeThis automatic folding umbrella has a cool reflective strip around the edge of the umbrella, providing 360° high visibility in low light and rain, which will make you an eye-catching presence
  • For pedestrians, it will be safer to walk in the dark and rain with this automatic umbrella.
  • Then push the travel umbrella back to the handle and it is done closing
  • ️Auto Open/Close in One SecondJust press the button, the folding umbrella will open automatically, and press it again to close, which frees your hands
  • When you get out of the car in the rain, you don’t need to struggle to open the portable umbrella.
  • With this design, you can be more at ease in heavy rain
  • In addition, the large umbrella is 41 inches in diameter when opened, more than enough for one person to use, or even two people.
  • Superior WaterproofThis windproof umbrella is flexible enough to endure high winds without tipping out
  • It has 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs, as well as an umbrella fabric made of high-density 210T Pongee, making it both waterproof and windproof

Lejorain 54inch Large Umbrella Auto Open Close Folding Golf Size and 210T Dupont Teflon Coated Vented Windproof Double Canopy-Unisex Blue/Black/Yellow/Pink/Wine Red

Lejorain 54inch Large Umbrella Auto Open Close Folding Golf Size an...
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  • Also, the ergonomic real wood handle with finger-notches makes it comfortable to hold and easy to grip.A perfect windproof golf/travel/business umbrella for you.
  • WATER REPELLENT FABRIC AND LUXURY REAL WOODEN HANDLE: This large umbrella is made of 210T fabric with a specialized Dupont Teflon coating, making it water repellant and fast-drying
  • Moreover, our premium Fiberglass and stainless steel frame system cries out NO rust, NO breaking.
  • WINDPROOF AND STRONG BUILD: This 54in large umbrella with its vented Double Canopy construction allows the wind to pass through the vents preventing it from flipping over or turning inside out
  • AUTO OPEN AND CLOSE: The reliable push-button open and close mechanism operates quickly allowing you to open this auto umbrella in seconds in sudden rain, great for quick entry into a car, building, or tent.
  • Take it while walking the dog, watching your favorite sports, or pick up your school children.
  • EXTRA LARGE CANOPY AND PORTABLE FOLDING SIZE: Despite being able to protect at least 2 people (54in), this extra large umbrella doesn’t sacrifice portability – it folds to only 15.25in and it’s much lighter (only 1.3lb) than other golf umbrellas with a similar sized canopy
  • USEFUL COVER AND ENSURE: This is a gift which your family and friends will truly appreciate.The quality zip of this cover makes the umbrella easy to take out and to store away again.If you are not satisfied with the large folding umbrella just return it within 30days for a full refund with FBA service; if anything at all goes wrong with your umbrella,we will send you a replacement absolutely free and no return required within 90days!

Best folding umbrella brands


Are you looking for the perfect folding umbrella? Well, look no further! In this article, we are going to countdown the top 10 best folding umbrellas in Australia in 2023. 1. The North Face Unisex Apex Folding Umbrella This is undoubtedly one of the best folding umbrellas on the market today. Not only is it lightweight and compact, but it also has a durable design that will last for years. Plus, its multipurpose design means that you can use it not just as an umbrella, but also as a rain cover or windbreaker. 2.

The Columbia Men’s Raincoat Folding Umbrella This umbrella is perfect if you are looking for an affordable option that still delivers high-quality performance. It is made from sturdy materials and features a compact design that makes it easy to store when not in use. Plus, its windproof and water-resistant design makes it a great choice if you are planning on spending hours outside during bad weather conditions. 3. The Black Diamond Women’s Anvil Folding Umbrella This is another excellent option for those who are looking for an affordable but high-quality folding umbrella.