Demon Slayer, cinnannoe’s Inosuke cosplay is wild and smiling

Inosuke he is certainly one of the nicest and most loved characters in the Japanese series Demon Slayerso much so that i cosplay dedicated are not lacking. Despite being a male character, even cosplayers, like cinnannoe, delight in interpreting him, perhaps for his wild ways that they conquer.

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As you can see, the cosplay of cinnannoe it is really rigorous, both in the lower part in wild animal fur style, and in the boar mask, inevitable for Inosuke when he is engaged in combat. Of course, not being able to leave her chest bare, the cosplayer wore a white top that doesn’t bother anyway. She only needs the two swords to be perfect.

Inosuke is one of the demons killers, part of the team of the protagonist Tanjiro. He is a very impetuous and direct character, who throws himself headlong into the action, without thinking too much about it. Despite being tough, he manages to be very kind and would do anything to defend his friends.