Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on Xbox Series X | S supports VRR with the new update

Capcom reported that Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on Xbox Series X | S now supports the VRR through a recent update released by the team, thus introducing the use of the variable update frequency as on PS5.

The issue is somewhat odd, considering that VRR is usually a common system-wide feature on the Xbox Series X | S, which is unlikely to come back with an update. However, evidently Capcom has handled it differently, considering that this update comes after the one for PS5confirming the particular situation of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition compared to other games on Microsoft consoles.

In any case, according to the official tweet of the Osaka house reported above, now Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition also takes advantage of VRR on Xbox Series X | S as on PS5, which should guarantee some improvements in terms of performance, especially for regarding the elimination of tearing and graphic artifacts that can occur especially at higher frame-rates.

The Special Edition, we recall, introduces various features and contents specific to the original version, such as the ability to use Vergil, Legendary Dark Knight mode, Turbo mode and other additional elements, as well as an increase in graphics quality and frame-rate on next-generation platforms, as seen in our review.