Diablo Immortal: it seems that you can also lose items paid for with real money

Some players of Diablo Immortal they are complaining about the possibility of lose items purchased with real money and criticize the economic model adopted by the game, which is considered truly rapacious.

What’s the problem? Diablo Immortal allows you to buy “Boon of Plenty“for € 9.99, which yields rewards by logging in once a day for the next thirty days. Unfortunately, if you fail to log in, you lose the rewards of the day, the ones you theoretically paid for. The system is It was also accused of being pay 2 win, due to the fact that payers gain double damage and health for all 30 days.

Many players did not like this at all, who after paying they also had to suffer connection anxiety in order not to waste the money spent.

For Diablo Immortal, many speak of a particularly invasive economic model for which it is possible to upgrade the equipment only with the objects of the integrated shop, for which the progression of the loot is linked to the rifts, which must be improved with the game currency, for which the Less consistent players are less likely to get the best loot, and so fully upgrading a character can cost more than $ 100,000. There is also the fact that the strongest bosses do not yield particularly rich loot, but they do give discounts for the shop.