Diablo Immortal, video comparison between the PC and mobile versions of the Blizzard game

Diablo Immortal is the protagonist of an interesting comparison video made by the usual ElAnalistaDeBits, who put the versions PC And mobile of the Blizzard game side by side to find all the differences of the case.

As we wrote in the Diablo Immortal test, the game is still available in beta on PC and this significantly affects a number of aspects, from graphics options at performancegoing through the controls and the interface.

The title was captured on a Samsung Galaxy S21 and on a PC equipped with an RTX 3080. Well, the differences despite everything they are noted in favor of the Windows platform, which can count on higher quality effects.

However, ElAnalistaDeBits emphasizes the fact that the project was born with mobile devices in mind and it shows, resulting at the moment as a conversion without optimizations and with only acceptable performances.