EBay Offers: Kirby and the Lost Land for Nintendo Switch at an all-time low

The eBay offers today offer us a discount on Kirby and the Lost Land, exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The price is € 39.99, compared to the recommended price of € 59.99. You can buy the game at this address.

The salesperson is monclick-italia, with 97.1% of positive feedback. This is a well-known seller who allows returns within 14 days, paying only the return costs. Payment is possible via PayPal, G Pay, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

In our review we explained to you that “Our opinion on Kirby and the Lost Land was already extremely positive even before starting the last world. The new Nintendo title is packed with content, features an extraordinarily varied level design and is also quite long-lived by standards. of the series, despite the simplicity that makes it particularly suitable for children but also a carefree pastime for adults. We completed the game with great satisfaction, but when we discovered that the story does not end at the end credits, and that there is yet to be discovered and played, we have had confirmation that the new adventure of the Pink Puff is truly one of the best titles in its long career, and a road that we hope HAL Laboratory will travel at least a little longer before starting again with its experiments. ”

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Kirby and the Lost Land
Kirby and the Lost Land

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