EBay offers: Nintendo Switch Sports, discount for the exclusive Switch

The eBay offers today offer us a discount on Nintendo Switch Sports. The game is currently on sale for € 39.99that is with 10 € discount on the full price.

The salesperson is monclick-italia. They are a reliable seller with 97.2% positive feedback. It allows the return within fourteen days, paying only the return costs. Payment is possible with PayPal, G Pay, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

In our review we explained to you that “Nintendo Switch Sports turned out to be a pleasant experience, absolutely successful in its main objective, which is to let anyone play, from the enthusiast to the novice. There is a certain disparity between the various sports, both in terms of quality ( badminton has left us quite perplexed), and in terms of complexity (football is clearly more layered than the others), but in general it is a perfect experience for local multiplayer, because it is able to entertain in a few seconds, thanks to the essential mechanics and immediate (motion) controls. Also on a graphic level the work done is valuable: not so much on a technical level, but on a stylistic level. ”

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Nintendo Switch Sports bowling

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