Elden Ring: the Latin translation of the songs reveals new details about the lore

The Elden Ring soundtrack it’s not just there to show off. Through a translation made by Daniel Olmos on YouTube, we have the opportunity to find out what is said in the main songs of the game. The translation is from Latin to English and reveals us new lore. Obviously to talk about the lore we will have to do some spoilers on Elden Ring, so be careful to continue reading.

Olmos explains that in the Godrick boss fight, one of the earliest of Elden Ring, we can feel that the god is deeply insecure and collides with his own inner demons. The rumors insult him but he repeats that he is still of divine descent, which is one of the auras generated by Godfrey. Voices in the background claim “weak, frail, crippled” and also “a weak god”, but the boss claims “in any case I am a god, I am not afraid of the heat of battle”.

Elden Ring’s Latin songs dedicated to Sacriderm Apostlesinstead, they tell of their hatred for the Mother Tree and how they wish to cover themselves with the skin of the gods. Then there is an interesting detail shared by Olmos: some texts are strange, as if they were written with the structure of the English language rather than with a truly Latin structure. Maybe the people who wrote the lyrics didn’t care too much about authenticity, perhaps even for the benefit of musicality.

Elden Ring is a huge game and FromSoftware reconfirms itself as one of the most attentive teams in the videogame market. It is not the norm to find lore details within the Latin songs used as the background of boss fight.

Finally, we point out that the complete official Elden Ring guide has been announced, here’s what it will reveal.