Embracer Group: Saudi Arabia buys shares for 1 billion dollars

L’Saudi Arabia will become the second majority shareholder within Embracer Group with the conclusion of the purchase of shares for $ 1 billionannounced in these hours and carried out by the country’s Public Investment Fund.

With the purchase of 1 billion shares, Saudi Arabia, through its subsidiary Savi Gaming Group, will obtain the8.1% of the total shares of Embracer Group, which is proving to be a real giant of the ever-expanding videogame industry.

Mohammed bin Salman, prince of Saudi Arabia
Mohammed bin Salman, prince of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s PIF is effectively controlled by the prince Mohammed bin Salmanwhich is carrying out similar operations more and more often in the field of video games, also asking several questions on the ethical front for the companies involved, considering the many critical elements concerning the management of human rights in that country.

Mohammed bin Salman, through the Saudi Arabian public investment fund, also recently acquired 5.01% of Nintendo in shares and controls almost all of SNK after purchasing 96% of shares, but also owns more 5% of Capcom and Nexon.

This growing presence of Saudi Arabia in the video game industry can’t help but lift questions of an ethical nature on the extent of the funds that are injected and on the actual responsibilities of the subjects in respect of infringements, even evident, of the recognition of human rights. Prince bin Salman, in particular, was recently accused of being considered the actual instigator of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, just to give an example.