Eternights, announcement trailer on PS5 and PS4 at the State of Play for the new action RPG

Evernights was announced for PS5 And PS4 with a trailer during the State of Play. It is a curious mix between an action game and a Japanese-style dating simulator.

Coming in early 2023, “Eternights is an action / dating simulator game that combines romance with adrenaline-pumping combat as you try to live to the fullest in the apocalypse. dungeon … and enjoy romantic evenings! “, reads the official synopsis on Steamconfirming the release also on PC.

“One bad day, something or someone turned humans into dangerous monsters. Now they want nothing more than violence and power. They are all that stands between you, a cure and the world you want. And most of all, fight for something more. of your survival alone: ​​fight for the people you love. ”

“The impending end of the world is a great topic to break the ice! When you’re not exploring dungeons, you can choose to pass the time by courting a cast of five quirky and adorable characters. Explore their stories and win their affection to unlock skills. and unique spells that you can use in battle. “

“Gathering supplies, exploring dungeons, going on dates … there are too many things to do in a day, and every commitment has its deadline! Will you cultivate a relationship with a kindred soul to unlock new abilities? Will you scour the wastelands in search of supplies? Will you get stronger by training with your teammates? Or will you ignore all of this and enter the dungeon as soon as possible? The choice is yours, but remember: time is ticking. “

“These perilous areas, known as the Wall, are filled with mystery and danger. Time is running out, so you can quickly get through traps, puzzles and dance mini-games to make it in time. Thankfully, you have companions by your side to help you when things happen. they get scary. “

“Several fully animated 2D cutscenes await you that change depending on who you decide to hang out with. Immerse yourself in the game and forge a true relationship with the characters you spend time with.”