Ghostbusters VR announced for PlayStation VR2 on PS5, is not a Quest exclusive

Ghostbusters VR was officially announced for PlayStation VR2the virtual reality headset of PS5so the game will not be a ‘Quest exclusive as we thought at first.

Presented at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase with a trailer, Ghostbusters VR will aim to offer an experience as faithful as possible to the dynamics of the famous film saga, putting us in the shoes of a Ghost Buster.

The tie-in will include several new features: thesetting it will not be New York but San Francisco and we will be called to carry out investigations to solve a mystery, therefore in the context of a full-fledged narrative campaign.

We will be able to face the adventure alone or opt for the mode cooperative and thus become part of a team of Ghostbusters made up of four users. What do you say, will it also be possible to cross the flows?

Developed by nDreams under official license, Ghostbusters VR does not yet have a date of exit.