Goldeneye 007: Achievements appeared on the Xbox site, remake more and more likely

The list of Targets from Goldeneye 007 appeared on the official website of Xboxso much so that the announcement of the remake of the game during next week’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase is increasingly likely.

Of course, don’t take it as confirmation, but it’s still an unmistakable sign that something behind the scenes is moving. Being one of the most loved and appreciated games among those of Rare published on Nintendo 64 (it is considered one of the masterpieces of that generation), this is certainly excellent news. It would be even better if the release were announced for 2022, but we’ll see for that.

Note that the objectives report many advances about the game, so it’s best to avoid reading them in case you don’t want to know anything before playing them.

Recently the rumors about a possible remake of Goldeneye 007 have multiplied. Microsoft had already tried to implement it in the past, obtaining a last-minute rights denial that blocked the project. Could this be the right time?