GTA 6 and Half-Life 3 won’t be at Summer Game Fest 2022, jokes Geoff Keighley

GTA 6 And Half-Life 3 will not be present at Summer Game Fest 2022: the creator and host of the event specified it, not without irony, Geoff Keighley.

The Canadian journalist has revealed in the past few hours that the show will focus on the games already announced, with few absolute novelties, and among these the new chapters of the series will not be present. Rockstar Games And Valve.

Why did Keighley come up with just these two games? He simply did a search on Twitter to discover the most frequent associations, which indicate how many users are hoping for an announcement regarding Grand Theft Auto 6.

After that, taken by enthusiasm, Keighley kept specifying that there will not even be Half-Life 3 or a return of the Muppetsprovoking an ironic response from the usual Devolver Digital and an avalanche of memes from his followers.

Seriously, at least one reveal of great importance seems to find its place in the show, namely Overdose, the new title of Hideo Kojima that will be rumored will be a ‘PlayStation exclusive. Understandably, Geoff made no jokes about that.