Halo Infinite: Co-op Campaign will have its first public tests in July

Halo Infinite prepares for the arrival of the Multiplayer cooperative campaign with the next launch of the first test flight expand on this game option, particularly awaited by many fans of the series, with the tests that will begin to take place at July 2022.

According to reports from 343 Industries, the first test flights on the Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign will therefore take place next month, in July, pending more precise information on the dates. These are the tests dedicated to those who are part of the Halo Insider program, which allows access to the test flights released by the developers, therefore it is not yet a public beta.

These trial versions are distributed to players who are part of the insider program and allow you to get started test the mode: although not yet a definitive version, the launch of these flights still means that it shouldn’t be long before the release of the cooperative campaign, waiting to have some more precise details about it.

Further instructions also for insiders will be disseminated later through other updates by 343 Industries. Based on all the information that emerged in April, the co-op mode is expected to be available between August and September.