Horizon Forbidden West: big update adds New Game +, Ultra Hard and more

During the State of Play on June 2, 2022, in addition to various news, there was space to see something “old”. Let’s talk about Horizon Forbidden West receiving a new one big update which introduces Nuova Game +, Ultra Difficult and more.

Here she is full statement from the developersshared on PS Blog: “We thank our incredible community immensely and are pleased to announce that a massive update will be available today. It includes the highly requested New Game + and an Ultra Hard mode for those who really want to challenge themselves, as well as numerous new features that aim to further enhance and enrich the gameplay experience. The transmog feature, for example, allows you to easily customize the look of equipped outfits to match other outfits you own, while a new option allows you to freely reset and redeploy the Skill Points earned. ”

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West

“Will you be able to take down that Death Spinner? This update also includes a new one trophy package to keep track of your victories as you take on the Forbidden West again in an Ultra Hard New Game +! ”

“In addition, we have added a new herbalist which sells animal parts and tweaked temporal anti-aliasing to improve graphics quality in Performance Mode on PS5 and rendering on PS4 Pro. Please be aware that we are already working on a patch that will support VRR and 40 FPS modes, so keep going to follow us. ”

Here is also the trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain.