Horizon, the TV series: official name and details on the story revealed by Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb revealed the first details on the history which will be told in the TV series from Horizonas well as the official name of the show, which according to the journalist will be called Horizon 2074.

Announced last month, the Horizon TV series will boast a split narrative on two timelines: one that runs parallel to the events of the games and one that reveals how Aloy’s world was born.

According to information in Grubb’s possession, the current pitch of the television series does not aim to act as a reboot or a remake or a rehash of the history of Horizon, but as a sort of companion to the titles developed by Guerrilla Games.

What we will see in the episodes of the show will therefore be events that take place parallel to the adventures of Aloy that we know, however enriched by previous events that will probably also include characters like Elisabet Sobeck and Ted Faro.

Finally, according to Jeff Grubb, the resumed of the television series Horizon 2074 they will likely take place in Toronto, but no timing is indicated at the moment.