Intellivision Friend in trouble, there would be no money for preorder refunds

Intellivision Friend It is sailing in dire straits, it seems: following the news of the last few months, CEO Phil Adam wrote in a letter that production operations are approaching for the console but that at the moment the company may not have the necessary money to guarantee. the refunds of the preorder.

We recall that in March the fundraising campaign for Intellivision Amico was closed early and many thought that this would mark the end of the project, decreeing the failure of the company born to make it.

However, there are no signs of a clear and defined strategy: the CEO hopes that Amico will enter production this year, but there are still no certainties in this sense, about four years after the announcement of the console and with four campaigns. crowdfunding behind.

It is obvious that, in light of the facts, many users have asked to be reimbursed for the amount spent to book the product, and this event is putting the company in difficulty, which is trying to proceed slowly.