iOS 16, customizable lock screen with new options

iOS 16 starred in a detailed presentation at WWDC 2022 in which Apple revealed details on the new one lock screenWhat will be customizable thanks to a series of options unpublished.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will be able to make important changes to the graphical interface of iOS 16, and this first step undoubtedly confirms the rumors, providing users with several extra possibilities compared to previous versions of the operating system.

The lock screen will be able to show a photo of us and change colors and fonts depending on the selected filter, alternating real themes that can be changed on the fly and in an extremely simple way thanks to the widget.

iOS 16, the new lock screen

In fact, just touch and hold on the lock screen to move its objects and add new ones, such as activities. In addition, notifications related to messages will find space at the bottom so as not to cover the background image.