Iron Harvest, a trailer announces the free World Map campaign mode

Iron Harvest saw the debut of the World Map campaignan expansion free available now on PC and coming to console too. The developers presented it with the trailer you see above.

A few months after the launch of Iron Harvest: Complete Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the King Art Games strategy continues to receive robust post-launch support, with over forty new missions.

“World Map campaigns offer an exciting way to experience the rich world of alternate history set in 1920+,” reads the press release. “Conflicting nations fight to protect their brand new capital maps and to gain stable control over their territories.”

“The rules are simple, but tactical depth has its own learning curve and offers players many ways to optimize their grand strategy. The scenarios offer challenging single player missions, revisiting the game’s 60 maps with new perspectives.”

“The latest starting parameters and victory conditions will force players to command giant dieselpunk mechs with unusual tactics. Different mission types revamped with over 40 new missions in total.”

“There are several world map configurations for the player to choose from, all with their own tactical division of territories and victory conditions. Each world map will also offer a custom campaign editor, allowing players to set their own map from conquer.”

“Additionally, the new Forgotten Fortress 3v3 multiplayer map will take players to the dangerous desert of Arabia. Along with the latest balance and stability improvements, this update further expands Iron Harvest, making it one of the greatest RTS games on the market.”