Johnny Depp lands on TikTok and gathers nearly four million followers without any posts

Johnny Depp managed to pick up almost four million followers with his TikTok account even without having published anything yet. Consider that the profile has been active for about 48 hours, so this is a truly extraordinary result, if it were not for the fame of the actor, which has grown exponentially with the recent trial that saw him opposed to ex-wife Amber Heard. But let’s go in order.

Johnny Depp is a star of social networks, even without having published anything yet

An account called was opened on TikTok johnnydepp. After the platform verified its authenticity, a flood of users decided to follow it, growing it to over three million followers in about 48 hours. Considering that at the time of writing this news Depp has not yet published anything, it is clear how the driving force of such success was not his contents, but his fame.

Lots of followers for Johnny Depp
Lots of followers for Johnny Depp

Giusto recently Depp was the protagonist of one of the most significant media processes ever, not only on traditional media, but also on social networks, followed live and commented by various streamers and influencers. This is a really interesting case for the world of communication, regardless of the trial itself, where the interpreter of Edward Scissorhands and many other films won the lawsuit filed against ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation, obtaining a compensation of 15 million dollars.

It should be noted that, despite TikTok’s verification, there are still doubts about the legitimacy of the account. Many will surely remember the actor’s account Tom Holland which, although verified by the platform, proved to be false. However, in this case there are several confirmations on the authenticity of the account, first of all that of her friend Gina Deuters.

What to add? Another win for Johnny Depp in this warm spring finale.