Joker 2 will be done, the script is ready

Joker 2 it will do. To formalize the making of the film, following the blockbuster of 2019, was the director Todd Phillips, who posted on Instagram a photo of the film script of the film, now finished, then one of the actor Joaquin Phoenix holding the text.

From the cover we learn that the screenplay was written by Phillips together with Scott Silver. The working title of the film is Joker: Folie à deuxa reference to a mental disorder affecting two or more individuals.

Discounted the return of Phoenix in the role of Arthur Fleck, given the consensus received with the first film and the Oscar received for the part. Globally, Joker grossed 1.07 billion dollars, a huge figure given the very low production compared to cinecomics standards.

Joker received 11 Oscar nominations, winning two (that of Phoenix and that for the soundtrack, which went to composer Hildur Gudnadottir. Who knows if with the second chapter Phillips will change style, adopting one closer to that of the genre, or if he will aim to new on more realism.