Minecraft: The Wild Update coming soon, trailer on the new biomes of the big update

Minecraft is about to finally receive The Wild Updatea big update that looks like the biggest variation seen in the Mojang game for several months now, and waiting for the launch we can meanwhile see a trailer presentation of new content: The Wild Update is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, June 7, 2022.

In particular, at the center of the video are the new biomes added to the game world, namely the mangrove swamps and the Deep Dark, but in particular the former of the two, which takes up most of the video. It is a trailer built with a sort of computer graphics that aims above all to create an atmospheric presentation, to show the relaxed and pleasant climate of the marshy area in which the mangroves will be found and to introduce the more disturbing area represented only at the end. from Deep Dark.

There mangrove swamp it is a setting characterized by luxuriant and luxuriant vegetation, obviously rich in water and which can be explored aboard a new special boat. Here too we find some new and exclusive resources such as the mud block, which can also be built using water and earth, as well as frogs, tadpoles and frogspawn.

The Deep Dark instead it is an underground setting, dark and populated by mysterious creatures, such as shriekers, who are recognized by the typical cry that they echo through the caves. Among the new mobs planned there are then the Warden, a creature that is in the Deep Dark and with whom direct contact is absolutely not recommended, forcing us to move in silence and in a particularly stealth way. Then there is the Allay, which emerged as the winner from a vote open to the public, decidedly more harmless and which can help us collect resources.

For the rest, just today we learned that Minecraft Java and Bedrock will merge into a single version.