Moose Around is a free game where you destroy everything as a moose

Moose Around he’s a nice guy free game where you can get around to destroy everything, playing a decidedly furious moose. Yes, basically the more damage you do the better.

To many it will remind you of Goat Simulator in some respects, although it must be said that here the focus is precisely on destruction and, moreover, you do not have to pay anything to access.

The developers talk about a hand-drawn world, apples to eat, and a secret story to discover as you play. Who knows what it is.

It should be noted that the moose protagonist can interact with practically all the objects of the scenarios. Of course by tearing them apart. But this is a detail.

Whereas you don’t have to pay anything to get it, it is worth a visit.

If you are interested, you can download Moose Around from

We also do some honor to the development team:


  • William Ullholm – Lead Programmer
  • Luis Gómez Vecchio – Project Leader, Programmer, Music & Sounds
  • Rikard Röhr – Programmer & Game Design Leader


  • Anna Björkman – Artist
  • Sandra Caraan – Artist, Scrum Master & Animation
  • Alexander Höglind – Artist
  • Sebastian Claesson – Artist