Nintendo will not be present at Gamescom 2022

It just looks like that Nintendo will not be present at the Gamescom 2022even if we still cannot speak of an official communication, however the matter was reported by a spokesperson for the German magazine Games Wirtschaft and was reported by several newspapers in these minutes.

“Gamescom is a major event on Nintendo’s standard calendar,” the company said in a statement. “However, this year, after careful consideration, we have decided to do not participate at the event “.

Nintendo, the official logo
Nintendo, the official logo

Therefore, there does not seem to be an official presence on the part of Nintendo within Gamescom, which could also exclude the possibility of a Nintendo Direct in correspondence of these days, even if such a presentation can be placed easily at any time and is now unpredictable.

“Players will still be able to try Nintendo Switch games at various events across Germany,” the company wrote, thus referring to any events in attendance for the presentation of the games on Nintendo Switch, but without making specific announcements about it. regarding dates.

These include the Airstreamer and Bulli tours, as well as the SWR Summer Festival and the Stuttgart Children and Youth Festival. Also confirmed the presence at the Main Matsuri Japan Festival in Frankfurt, but in all this there will be no space for a presence of Nintendo at Gamescom 2022, apparently.

In fact, there is not much accurate information about Gamescom 2022 yet, which we know is likely to be a hybrid event and could foresee a Microsoft Xbox live event.