One Piece, the cosplay of Nico Robin of cinnannoe has already sunk a ship

To cheer up this hot Sunday, we really needed a nice one cosplay from Nico Robinone of the most beloved female characters in the Japanese series one piecemade with great ability by the cosplayer cinnannoe, who plays the heroine to perfection.

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As you can see, not only is the costume made with great accuracy, but cinnannoe is perfect in the character, with whom it shares a slender and slender physique. For the rest of her, her dress is perfect and clearly reminiscent of Robin’s, including the very neat hairstyle. Too bad only for the lighting of the video, she is a bit off. But since we are talking about amateur jobs, we can be satisfied.

For the rest we remind you that perhaps One Piece is reaching its final phase. After years and years of publication, we may perhaps come to see the conclusion of this very long series. In reality it seems that the events of Cappello di Paglia and of him still continue, but let’s expect some big turning point that will lead us towards the end.