Outriders could become a series

With a new maxi-expansion coming up, Outriders could become a seriesaccording to the CEO of the People Can Fly team, interviewed by Forbes, and it seems that Square Enix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso considering the matter, although there are still no announcements to be made about it.

Outriders will expand on June 30 with the arrival of Worldslayerof which we have also published a tried, which aims to significantly increase the contents of the game, but there may also be additional chapters in the future.

On the other hand, the title in question remained in a middle ground between the classic looter shooter and live servicewithout taking precisely one or the other path.

According to reports from Sebastian Wojciechowski, interviewed by Forbes, both People Can Fly and Square Enix seem to agree on a continuation of intellectual property in the form of a real series. “We think Outriders is the most important new intellectual property in the Square Enix portfolio,” said the team CEO, “which dictates a vision in terms of a franchise and not a single game. We want to support Outriders over the long term and we don’t see the ‘time to expand it as much as possible “.

In any case, the next steps mainly concern the Worldslayer expansion, of course, but it is not excluded that work on a possible sequel has already begun.