Pokémon GO, grosses of over 6 billion dollars on iOS and Android

Pokémon GO has totaled to date takings for over 6 billion dollars on devices iOS and Android: an incredible figure for the mobile game developed by Niantic, which is still very strong today.

A few days after the teaser trailer that reveals the arrival of the Ultra Beasts, Pokémon GO therefore sees its records updated while in the United Kingdom alone there are 1.3 million players still active every month.

Returning to the takings, the bulk comes from USA with 2.2 billion spent from the summer of 2016 to now, while Japan And Germany they are respectively in second and third place in this ranking.

In any case, the years are felt, as is normal, and Pokémon GO recorded in the first quarter of this year a 45% drop in revenue compared to 2021.

That said, there are very few mobile games capable of exceeding six billion in collections so far: we are talking about games such as Clash of Clan, Candy Crush Saga, PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.