PS5: May is the best month in terms of sales in the UK in 2022

2022 is not a good year for consoles, as production problems have caused a drop in stocks and consequently in sales. As reported by, in fact, console sales in the UK – one of the most important European markets – fell by 38.3%. However, the situation is improving and it is above all to rejoice PS5which a May 2022 achieved its own sales record for the current year.

Compared to April 2022, PS5 achieved a + 10% a May 2022. This is a better situation than the Nintendo Switch which saw a 3% drop for the same period. Xbox Series X | S, on the other hand, saw a + 58%, after a very slow and poor April in sales. Overall, console sales increased by 16% for this period, with a total of 106,000 units placed according to GfK data.

The success of PS5 allowed the accessories of the console to be among the best sellers of May 2022. The white DualSense is first, the DualSense is third and the red one is fourth. The wired Xbox controller is second.

The hope is that the stocks will continue to increase and that the scalpers will not create problems: in this regard, Amazon is proposing a system of purchases by invitation for PS5 and Xbox Series X.