PS5: Sales lower than PS4 but higher demand, the low availability weighs on it

The PS5 saleswhich recently reached 20 million units, are lower to those registered by PS4 in the same period of time, but according to Sony the request of the next generation console would be superior to that seen for the previous car.

As we have seen, PS5 has reached 20 million consoles sold, almost 19 months after launch, according to data reported by To make a direct comparison, PS4 reached the same milestone after 15 and a half months, hence the PS5 sales they proceed more slowly than those of the previous console, with the next gen that finds itself delayed by just over three months with the same sales.

It can therefore be said that PS5 sales are lower than PS4, but at the same time, according to Sony’s data, the demand from the public is “greater”, even if this figure is not easy to interpret. To infer it, the company also refers to the speed with which the stocks of PS5 run out, with a sales rate much higher than that seen for PS4 (80,000 units in 82 minutes for PS5 versus 80,000 units in 9 days for PS4).

Obviously the one on the request is not a simple comparison to make in precise numbers, but this leads Sony to think that the demand for the PS5 is record-breaking. Indeed, the factor that determines PS5 sales lower than PS4, and which was also responsible for the lower than expected results for the fiscal year, is above all the limited availability of consoles for sale, resulting from the difficulties encountered in production.