Resident Evil Village: demo streamed via browser, Capcom uses Stadia technology

Capcom has launched a very interesting initiative, which could have further implications in the future, by making available one demos Of Resident Evil Village entirely in streaming, playable via browser completely free internet.

This is a prime example of the Google Stadia technology used by Capcom to allow players to try some game demos, which is currently limited to Resident Evil Village but could soon be extended to other titles as well, considering that Google has officially started this type of collaboration.

The technology in question is called Immersive Stream for Gamesand is essentially a version of Stadia adapted for use for single games, thus allowing you to play fragments of streaming titles directly from the browser, on any device.

The system works with various browsers from PC, Mac, mobile devices and consoleswith a remarkable yield in terms of graphic quality and response to inputs.

For now, you can find the Resident Evil Village demo at this address, also playable in Italian. These are the two demos previously released by Capcom, namely the Village demo and the Castle demo, so it’s not really new, however it is interesting to note the solution adopted, which could also be used for various other games in the future.

The only requirement is one Internet connection of at least 10Mbpsotherwise there are no requirements beyond an input system which can be mouse and keyboard or controller, but screen controls can also be used for touch screen devices, so these streaming demos can really be used in any situation.