Season: A letter to the future in trailer from the State of Play, with a release period

Season: A letter to the future returned to show at the State of Play tonight, with a new one trailer of presentation and also a exit period more defined, even if not yet with a real date: autumn 2022.

If nothing else, we have proof that the game has continued its development, as it has not been heard of for quite some time and there has been no news or material. Presented during The Game Awards 2020 with a trailer and quickly becoming one of the hottest indies of the event, the game was a bit lost and also worried with the rumors about toxic behaviors that seemed to characterize the working environment of the development team.

The project has instead continued and has finally returned to show itself with a new trailer that is longer and closer to a definitive form, considering that the release is not far away, being scheduled for theautumn 2022pending a more precise date.

As for the gameplay, it is not yet easy to understand what it is: to all intents and purposes it seems to be a ‘adventure with a strongly narrative structure, characterized by a particular setting, which mixes elements of the real world with other fantastic ones. The story sees a girl embark on a long bike ride to strange places, documenting life for the people of the future.