State of Play: Phil Spencer compliments Sony and remembers that the Xbox event is around the corner

The State of Play June 2022 was a solid event packed with interesting trailers. It is not only us who think so, but also the direct competition of Sony PlayStation: Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. The executive complimented Sony and recalled that the Xbox and Bethesda event is just around the corner.

Through your Twitter profile, Spencer wrote: “I love this time of year. The teams work to excite the players. The State of Play was a great start yesterday, I can’t wait to see the Summer Game Gerst and of course the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase. It is revitalizing to see all the excitement in our industry and video game art form. ”

Also Geoff Keighley he replied to Spencer, stating that he is excited for the next few weeks. Keighley is the creator and host of the Summer Game Fest, which replace, as far as possible, E3.

We too of we will follow all the events and keep you updated on news, also thanks to a dedicated page, where you can see the calendar of presentations and all the written and video contents we made for the Summer Game Fest.