Street Fighter 6: Capcom comments on the leak on the complete roster of characters

Street Fighter 6 was presented at the State of Play in these days and the first ones have already appeared leak on the game, including what appears to be the full roster of characters on which Capcom also released a comment which seems to confirm the veracity of the document.

“As residents of Metro City, we’ve all seen things we weren’t supposed to see, but we’re all in it. We appreciate the positive reactions, thanks for the support!” The message is bizarre and a little ironic, but it does indeed seem confirm that the materials leaked online these days are really from Street Fighter 6.

The leaks concerned not only what appears to be the complete roster of the 22 initial characters, at least as regards the artwork, but also other elements such as a short gameplay snippet with Cammy protagonist, which emerged online from various sources after a first initial cancellation.

It therefore seems that these documents have foundations of reality, given Capcom’s official reaction to them. During the State of Play, we saw the first official gameplay trailer of Street Fighter 6 and, in the following hours, various information on new modes, features and commentary in real time.