Street Fighter 6: trailer with a period of release from the State of Play of June 2022

During the State of Play on June 2, 2022 it was announced Street Fighter 6. You can see the trailer above, for PS5 and PS4. The game will also arrive on PC. The release date is set for a generic 2023.

The trailer shows us one of the fighters of Street Fighter 6, Luke, training with the bag. The video shows us the city that will be at the center of the game. We see various of the historical characters of the saga, with also a new design and a new graphic style, which we are sure will arouse strong emotions in the players.

Thereafter there is room for some sequence of gameplay, with Street Fighter 6 characters performing various moves. Obviously, without being able to try it for yourself it is impossible to know if the feeling of the game has changed compared to the past.

In addition, a commentary dedicated to Street Fighter 6 was shared.

Among the announcements of the evening there is also Resident Evil 4 Remake, unveiled with a trailer and release date. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will arrive on PC: here is the release date.