Summer Game Fest: The show is focused on games already announced, few absolute novelties

There Summer Game Fest is now coming, with the main evening, hosted by Geoff Keighley, which will be held on 9 June 2022, but the host wanted to clarify some aspects of the contents planned for the show, which will mainly be focused on games already announced.

This is what Geoff Keighley himself reported through Twitter, recommending to fans of “contain expectations” as for the absolute novelties.

Summer Game Fest, the logo

THE completely new games that will be announced as real surprises during the event will therefore be very few, compared to the video materials, trailers and announcements regarding the games already presented previously.

“We have a couple of completely new announcements about games and hopefully some surprises as well if all goes well,” he said Geoff Keighley, “but it’s definitely a show that focuses mostly on things that have already been announced,” he explained. For this reason, there is a need to “contain expectations” regarding the megaton surprises that some might expect.

“We have a lot of beautiful things to show but users also need to beware of some crazy rumors that I’m seeing around, as far as realistic expectations on the presentation are concerned. “In fact, the question doesn’t make much difference, considering that even trailers and videos on previously announced but highly anticipated games are still very welcome. Among these could also be Hollow Knight: Silksong, based on a recent rumor.